Friday, March 23, 2012

vogue writer

Man, its been an active week for me! On Monday I proposed a new blog challenge, Tuesday was my first deal post, Wednesday was an outfit, Thursday IFB round up and now Friday.

What do I have for you guys for Friday?

A new social site for you to check out! Introducing VogueWriter!

So what is VogueWriter? You know when you're out shopping or browsing online and you see some fantastic item and think "Omg, this would look fantastic with such and such" or "Oh this dress reminds me of one I wore back in high school" -- that's what VogueWriter is about. Voicing those thoughts.

The kicker? You get rewarded for voicing those thoughts! Every time you like an item or talk about an item (VogueWriter calls them "Rewrites") you get points. Depending on the amount of points you gather you'll unlock private sales to young designers and brands. Some of these sales will be up to 70% off! O.o

All to do something you're basically doing on Pinterest anyways.

You can Rewrite items directly from an approved site or on VogueWriter

VogueWriter originated from StyleSays, so they already have a bunch of stores and brands that they have access to and ready for you to ReWrite! You'll be able to subscribe to other individuals and stores and get notifications for when your item goes on sale. Its kind of like a tracking site and pinning site all in one.

Right now VogueWriter is by invite only, but lucky for you guys I have 25 invitations to use!

If you're interested in checking this site out, just leave a comment below with your email address (or you can email me directly if you're not comfortable leaving your email address below). I'll send out invites tomorrow all gone! :)

<3 Happy Friday and have a great weekend all! p.s. This post isn't compensated or endorsed in any way. VogueWriter asked me if I would and I wrote this of my own will just because I like the site and like the idea of getting discounts to talk about shopping. :P


  1. Really good idea - will give it a try and take look - also using PInterest (@PureGlamtv)


    Tanja - or via Bloglovin

  2. Oooo... Talking about clothes + discounts??!! :D Sounds like a great idea to me! Sign me up if possible? My email is:


  3. Hello! This is an amazing idea and I would love to join! If you have any invites left, can you send one to me? So enjoying reading your blog! Thanks for sharing this :)

    Here's my email:
    Tiny Closet

  4. This seems very interesting and a cool concept. Thanks for sharing about this new site.