Thursday, March 15, 2012

they're after me lucky charms!

typical st. patrick's day title. someone remind me in a year not to use the same title because i'm sure i'll forget. :P

in any case, i realize i'm a bit late to the nail world with flecks, but i just discovered them and couldn't resist using zoya's fleck effects in opal for this post. its just so darn pretty. i topped it with a matte coat from essie hoping that it wld create more of a subtle fleck effect, and it worked!

a little too well really. without a macro lens the flecks were really hard to photograph in the sunlight. i managed to snap a picture indoors of it so you guys could see just how pretty the shimmer is. sigh. not going to lie, i think i spent a good hour just turning my nail back in forth watching the flecks catch the light.

this was my first attempt at doing a cut out french tip too. i went pretty well minus one hidden nail that i refuse to show you guys. and of course, i climbed the very next day, so my nails no longer look like this. just some shattered beat up memory of how cute they use to be.

oh wells. hope you have a great st. patrick's and get fat off of green beer! :)

MAC hello kitty collection polish in pink, essie matte finish top coat, zoya fleck effects in opal, sinful colors mint apple


  1. Love your nails color! They'r amazing! Visit my blog and follow if y like! kiss kiss

  2. Very great nail polish... - looks great your combination and art-work...

    Tanja - or via Bloglovin