Thursday, March 8, 2012

life is hard, that's why rainbows were invented

i saw the cutest thing the other day.

like one of those moments where i wish i had a camera on me cute.

i was suffering through a rather difficult run and coming along my second to last lap when i ran past a grandpa and his grandson. the grandson was probably about three or four years old, or whatever age it is that kids develop motor functioning skills. he's huffing and puffing on this little tricycle, as the grandpa slowly walks beside him. i didn't really think much of it. it was towards the end of a fasting run and i was pretty much dying at that point.

i came around for my final loop (which is about 0.62 miles to give you a visual) and ran into the pair again. the little boy had just made it around the corner. and he's tired. he's completely stopped biking at this point. his arms are collapsed over the bike handles and he has that look. that look that we all get. "life is hard", when am i going to get off this bike.

i really wish i'd had a camera on me at that moment. between his chubby cheeks and his exhausted posture, it was really too cute not to snap. i'm fairly sure that the grandpa would've thought i was some creeper and started chasing me with a cane or something.

but its okay. because as i passed by him the second time, the grandson rung his little bell at me. its like saying hi! or a whistle.. or get out of my way?

y'kno one of those three.

that story has absolutely nothing to do with the outfit. i just thought it was cute.

if you've followed the blog for a bit, you have probably already noticed that i love colors. i'm rather obsessed with colors (judging by the amount of colored denim i've acquired in the past 6 months). so naturally, when i stumbled upon a rainbow cardigan with uneven hems i didn't even think. i just checked out. i can't tell you how much i love this cardigan. its perfect for spring because despite how hole-y it is, its pretty warm, so it'll make a great light jacket.

i also like the fact that i can belt it off and it almost looks like a dress! a semi-scandalous dress, but a dress non the less. ooh look i rhymed. lol.

this outfit also gave me a reason to finally wear the wedges that my friend bought me for christmas (<3 p.s. he's also "single and ready ladies" - his words not mine - and really generous with shoe budgets. yep, thats right he'll buy you a pair every month!) its strange, i love, love purple, but i really haven't had much of an urge to wear it lately. maybe that'll change once fall comes around since this is more of a darker shade of purple than a pastel.

love stitch cardigan, eyeshadow via tjmaxx crochet top, zara metallic mini, steve madden pammyy wedge, forever 21 necklace, jason wu for target belt



  1. Your story was cute and I love all of the colors that you used in this outfit!


  2. Fantastic post! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You are amazing! Have a great weekend!!! :-)

  3. Aww that poor kid I totally have those moments too, would have been perfect to snap a pic but I agree you probably would have been chased down lol. I'm pretty sure I have those shoes in another color, he has good taste!

    Beauty Flawed

  4. Oh if only you had your camera with you. He must have looked so cute! Anyway, i love everything about this outfit. From the top, to the skirt, to the cardigan and to the amazing colour on the shoe!! Love it.


  5. Such a cute look! love your top necklace cardi and shoes!!