Monday, March 19, 2012

just a bit of spring cleaning

Fun fact #01: Today marks the very first day of spring in 2012!! Yay. Now can the sun come out to play?

Fun fact #02: Did you know that I currently occupy over 50% of the closet space in our house?

Yes, that's right. Out of four closets, I take up about two and quarter. Oh, and half a hallway closet. So maybe its closer to 60%. :X

Which is why I've decided.. drumroll please... to participate in a shoe and closet challenge. Talk about a major spring cleaning! This is a bit of a dosey because it requires semi-daily updating on my part. Gawd help me because we all know how Dressember went.

Shoeper Shoe Challenge: Save Our Shoes!

(Sorry for the odd picture ratio. My camera was on a different setting and I didn't realize it until it was too late >.<)

We all know I have a lot of shoes. 118 to be exact. (I actually thought it was going to be more. Yay me for disappointing myself.) And while I'm proud to admit that I do tend to wear all of my shoes, sometimes some get overlooked. Hence, the shoe challenge.

Every year Shoeperwoman (who is also Amber of Forever Amber) hosts a shoe challenge. The idea behind the challenge is that all of your shoes are on a chopping block and you need to save them from being tossed or sent to Goodwill. Any shoes that haven't been saved in a year's time, axed. Those poor, poor shoes.

(Psst.. there are more shoes behind these shoes :X)

Let's hope I can save them all.

This year Shoeperwoman has opened up a forum so that we can all help each other out too! If you're interested in joining the challenge, head on over and sign up!

The first part of the challenge is to count out all of your shoes. Eek. I was a bit scared at first to see how many shoes I had, but I really didn't think it was that bad. There's one girl on the forum who has over 200! So really, I'm totally fine. :P

The breakdown...

19 pairs of Converses + 1 Hello Kitty Vans
26 pairs of flats/loafers/boat shoes
15 pairs of flip flops
29 pairs of boots/booties
29 pairs of heels/wedges

I was trying to decide if any of my shoes should be exempt from the challenge, but I think because I have so many.. none of them will be safe! So I have 365 days (starting today) to save all of my shoes and any new ones I end up purchasing.

Save Our Closets!

(oOps! a bit of censorship was needed here.. ho hum)

To go along with the shoe challenge (because I'm such an over achiever) I've decided to also complete a closet one as well. I need to do this. Probably more than I need to for shoes. I'm pretty good at going through my closet every few months and cleaning out stuff I don't wear any more, but I seem to still have trouble getting rid of certain items. Things I haven't worn in a while, but I still feel attached to I some how rationalize with myself.. and yet I still never wear them! That is why I want to complete this challenge. Someone needs to make the hard decisions and the weak side of me that holds sentimental value over my clothing can't be the one to do it.

The dress and hoodie closet!

So just like that I spent most of Sunday turning my hangers around and putting little round dots on all the items of clothing in my drawers. Whenever I wear something I will either turn the hanger around correctly or remove the round dot from my clothing. And again, just like the shoes. Nothing is safe. Not even my workout gear. I work out enough that I should be using most of my work out clothing during some portion of the year. The only exception I may make towards the end is saving a couple of business shirts, skirts, and pants. I almost never have to wear business clothing in my career, but on a couple of occasions I have needed to and it would be silly to have to buy a whole new set just for that!

Oh. And really pretty red carpet like dresses. Because I mean, when I actually have a red carpet event to go to, you know I'm never going to be able to find something to wear!

But don't worry. I won't bombard you guys every day with boring post on my saves and what not. I've installed a couple of RSS feeds into the side menu that will display my recent saves I will be installing an RSS feeds as soon as I figure out how to get one to work, and will be posting in Shoeperwoman's forums mostly. The challenge will of course pop up on the blog at least once a week - or why else mention it right? :)

In any case, without further ado - today's saves:

H&M blazer, Tilt sheer top, Express basic cami, True Religion billy jeans, Jason Wu for Target scarf, BCBG Paris Phylena

What do you guys think? Will you be joining in?



  1. Replies
    1. hahah thanks Tanja! They're seriously one of my faves

  2. This is a great idea! I love organizing my closet, oohing and aahhing over all my prettys. LOL

    And might I just add: owl print dress!

    1. >.< the owl print dress is in jeopardy! i've had it for months now and for the life of me can't figure out how to make it work how it is. the top is too big and unflattering but I can't get myself to give it up. the print is just too adorable!

    2. turn it into a pair of cushions? Or get it split into a skirt and a top and have them both properly fitted by a seamstress?

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  4. I love this idea for cleaning out shoes and wardrobes. My closet situation is getting pretty desperate too (I have a ginormous closet full, the trim lining the top of the closet is full, three full dressers, plus tons and tons of clothes stuffed into baskets and totes underneath my bed...) - I've been meaning to clean it out, but have been procrastinating making the hard decisions. I may just have to participate in the closet challenge with you!

    As to your owl print dress - it is adorbs!!! If it's the top part that's the issue, maybe dry folding it down underneath (or just layering a top over it) and turning it into a skirt?

  5. I desperately need to go through my closet as well. I'm sure I have tons of things that could go to a new home. By the way, I love those leopard shoes-they are all the rage.