Tuesday, March 6, 2012

i've been abandoned

its true. bf hopped on a plane and left me home alone for almost two weeks. but never fret! he'll be back on friday.

every time he goes on one of these trips i always imagine having a wealth of time to do a million things that i'd been putting off. and pretty much every single time, almost none of it gets done. i really don't know where the time goes.

actually thats a lie.

i know perfectly well where its gone: more time at the gym, dinner with friends, and strangely a lot of visits to the mall/target/tjmaxx/wherever else that will take my money in exchange for clothing or shoes. i think i just like keeping busy because it makes the time go by faster. unfortunately it often seems to result in a bigger dent in my wallet.

i should really learn how to stay home.

but at least i got my taxes done?

photos by me
zara cardigan, cotton on dress, steve madden lorra boots, target headband


  1. I'm not even ashamed to admit to you that I am 100% in love with your boots. I may have to... go buy some for myself, that's how stunned I am in love. ANYWAY... The rest of the outfit is pretty good, too. (:

    In other news, I definitely have a list of things I'm "totally gonna do" and they are... still undone. (:

    1. they are the best things ever! lololol buy them!!