Monday, March 5, 2012

good things come in lil packages

warning: this post is like a photo bomb that threw up all over your morning breakfast.

do you remember this taunting lil package?

i can finally tell you whats in it.

its something pretty awesome.

what.. could it possibly be... ?

kind of looks like free clothes... courtesy of YesStyle.

why.. that's exactly what it is!

no, i didn't get my first sponsor. but i did win my first contest back in december. well, first runner up. but it came with a prize! $200 to spend on

and yes, i pretty much did the girl thing and screamed, and then screamed some more. and then literally spent a solid week agonizing over what to buy. i think i was driving all my friends nuts talking about it. if you haven't heard of YesStyle before, they're an online asian retailer. there's only one physical store in the entire U.S. that i know of (and lucky me its in SF). they mainly sell oodles and oodles of different brands from south korea, taiwan, hong kong, china, and japan. the site is literally filled with hundreds of pages of adorable asian fashion.

its really impossible to shop. its overwhelming. i didn't which brands were good and which ones were bad. i had to do a lot of online research, and it nearly drove me up a wall. there's so much information in all these different places, that i really felt like it needed to be consolidated in one place.

oh wait. i run a blog don't i? why don't i just put it all here?

fantastic idea, me! and fantastic for any one else, looking to shop there. hopefully this little (not really little, i ordered like 10 items) review will help.

overall review

in general the site is really easy to navigate through. its more overwhelming if you're just browsing and you're not looking for something specific. most of the items are named in a way that describes it, so if you are looking for a specific type its very easy to search for with the search bar at the top.

i won't go over their payment and shipping items, since its all pretty easy to find on their site. but something you should make note of is their return policy. from what i've read, returns are really difficult there, and they're kind of picky about what they'll accept as a return. when you're picking items out from the site, make sure to consider if you can live with the lost if it doesn't work out.

also, it seems as though they really like to pack their items in. there was a total of 10 items in my package and my package was fairly small. everything had to be ironed, it was all so badly wrinkled from being smooshed. so don't expect to be able to wear most of it right out of the package. more than likely you'll have to spend some time ironing everything out first.

tips and tricks

pricing on the site can vary, even between sizes and colors. it really depends on who and where YesStyle purchases their garments from. it is my understanding that there are multiple suppliers for the same items and they sell to YesStyle at different prices, which is the cause for the flux.

another thing to keep in mind that some brands source from independent suppliers. this is normally indicated at the bottom of the page of the product you're looking at. while its not always the case, there is a chance that if the brand does use other suppliers you will not get the advertised brand on the tag of your product. this only happened to me 2 out of my 10 items, and i didn't affect the quality or look of the merchandise greatly.

really, really pay attention to the measurements. don't purchase something if the measurements are at the tightest point for you. because of human error what is actually listed might be 1-5 centimeters smaller or bigger on the product you receive.

important: only purchase "ready to ship" items, or items that say they will ship in 1-2 days. don't purchase items that have a longer shipping date than that no matter how cute it looks! i've read a lot of horror stories of people getting their entire purchase cancelled, or never filled when they purchase items that far out. the way the chain works on YesStyle is that the brand purchases products from their sources, then ships the item to YesStyle and then YesStyle ships the items to you. thats a lot of traveling for a product to do! if an item is listed as "ready to ship" that means the product is already in the YesStyle warehouse, no more traveling required other than to you. if it is listed as anything else, then there is a chance something could go wrong and you either won't get your item, or it will take forever and a day to reach you.


there are so many different brands on YesStyle, its rather amazing. when i was doing my research the general consensus was that brands from South Korea and Japan were of higher quality, and brands from China were the worst. since i didn't purchase any brands from China, i can't comment on the last part, but i do agree with the first. actually, i have the same that the South Korean brands were probably the best in quality out of everything i purchased. they also tended to be the more expensive ones. overall, i think i did pretty well (and possibly lucked out). these are the brands that i purchased in my order:

59th Street (Hong Kong) - yes, would buy again.
59 Seconds (Hong Kong) - this is a YesStyle exclusive brand, and is also the sister brand to 59th Street. they do source from other suppliers, but i was pretty happy with everything i received, so i would purchase this brand again.
Mignon (Japan) - also sources from other suppliers, but the measurements were spot on, and the quality was good. i would definitely purchase this brand again.
Tokyo Fashion (Taiwan) - yes! would buy again. lots of cute items for low prices, great for more trendy things.
ageha@shibuya (Japan) - i wouldn't buy from this brand again. i've read other reviews where people have had better luck, but i think this brand in general runs smaller than advertised. not good for my man shoulders.
cocostar (S. Korea) - i haven't made up my mind on this one. the price ran fairly high, and i didn't feel like it was worth the money. plus they source from other suppliers, so i think this is a maybe. it will probably depend on how badly i want the item, and the cost.
prischu essentials (S. Korean) - yes! excellent quality item.

clothing review

you can find my measurements here.

ageha@shibuya (Japanese)
Keyhole Back Striped Bow Top

One Size - $9.60
Bust:92 cm83 cm
Shoulder:37 cm33 cm
Hem:90 cm82 cm
Length:57 cm55 cm

i really fell in love with the idea of this shirt. especially with the thought of a big structured bow and it has a cute key hole back that is pictured on the website. unfortunately, there's a fairly big difference between what was on the YesStyle site and what ended up in my hands, which unfortunately the difference was enough to really make the top tight in my shoulders and arms. this brand was recommended on another site for being decent to good quality. but given how small their one size seems to run, i'm not sure i would order this brand again unless it had more sizing options.

out of the bunch it was probably my least favorite, and this was more so because of the color. even when i took the pictures the bubble-gum nature of the pink isn't very evident, so i don't think there would have been any way around it. but because of the shade it makes it rather difficult to coordinate with other items.
also the hem is ridiculous short. it reminds me back in the 90's when hems use to hit awkwardly above the hip bones. it really shortens the torso and i'm not a fan. you can see in the pictures below, it looks much better once i tuck the top into the skirt.

the quality is only so-so for me. i mean technically it cost less than $10 so there isn't much to complain about. the shirt is made of that cheapy stretchy cotton (you know the kind you always find in those weird one off fashion stores), so it doesn't have the most flattering fit if you have any kind of curves. the bow is excellent however, minus how its sewn on. its sewn on kind of loosely so it tends to slide back and forth, so if i do end up keeping it as is, i will have to sew it down tighter. but i think there is a high chance this may end up in the "i'm never going to wear this pile".

i'll be honest, this was the first thing i tried out of the package, and it really got me scared as to how the rest of the items would fit!

Mignon (Japanese)
Sleeveless Double-Buttoned Dress

One Size - $24.50
Bust:84 cm84 cm
Shoulder:35 cm35 cm
Hem:62 cm62 cm
Length:80 cm80 cm

out of everything i purchased, this was the only one where the measurements were spot on. and for that reason alone i would purchase something from the Mignon brand again (note: this brand does source from independent suppliers, but the dress i received was from the Mignon brand). also the quality is really nice. the dress is a very nice, thick knit material, and isn't see through at all. overall, it fits me perfectly.

BUT.. i cannot pull off the loose, shapeless dress that is so popular in Asia. i think my boobs are just too big (which is ironic because they're really not that big to begin with), and it ends up looking more like a maternity dress than anything. i do really like this dress however, so i will probably get it taken in for a more fitted look.

59th Street (Hong Kong)
A-Line Dress

Size Small - $17.50
Bust:94 cm90 cm
Shoulder:35 cm32 cm
Waist:76 cm73 cm
Hips:94 cm90 cm
Length:89 cm88 cm

i love this. even though the measurements were a few centimeters off, it fits me perfectly and its really well made. the dress is lined, and it has a side zip to keep everything nice and structured. i'm really impressed with this dress overall, and i can't wait to think of different ways to wear it.

also a plus? this brand doesn't source from other suppliers, so you'll pretty much get exactly what you expect. and for what i paid this far exceeded my expectations.

cocostar (S. Korea)
Notched Lapel Blazer

Size Small - $57.60
Bust:83 cm86 cm
Shoulder:36.5 cm37.5 cm
Sleeve:61 cm60 cm

i've been wanting a hot pink blazer for a long time, and i thought this would be it, but unfortunately the color was really off. while i still love the blazer, its definitely not the advertised coral color. its probably closer to like a dusty rose than anything. its still a great color though. and the overall quality of the blazer is pretty solid. it has nice structure to it, lined, no shoulder pads (plus for me), and the measurements were only off by a bit. the material is also pretty soft.

do i think its worth $60 though? no, i've gotten much nicer blazers at H&M for less than that. and the material feels similar to the kind that H&M and Forever 21 use. also, this brand sources from independent suppliers. the blazer i received was from another Korean brand called m.a.k.m.a.k.s and not cocostar

Tokyo Fashion (Taiwan)
Scalloped-Hem Pleated Shorts

One Size - $21.60
Waist:78 cm73 cm
Front Rise :26 cm25.5 cm
Length:31 cm31.5 cm

these are really adorable! they are not made out of a thin material, which is kind of how it looks in the website picture. instead its a nice, thick twill, very stiff feel to it. it makes the shorts bloom out in a flattering way instead of just lying their sloppy. the twill pattern does take a way from how clean the shorts look in the catalog picture, but i don't mind it.

the measurements i made might be off due to the fact that the entire back side of the shorts is elastic and scrunched up,
which is how the shorts are one size. its kind of nice because you can change where it falls on you body. quality wise some of the stitching is uneven, and even looks a bit sloppy. you can't really tell unless you exam it up close, so its right around that Forever 21 kind of expectation.

my only real complaints is i wish the scalloped part was prettier, and that the color was brighter and not muted.

prischu essentials (S. Korea)
Inset Skirts Striple Maxi Skirt

One Size - $18.00
Waist:66-73 cm63-79 cm
Hips:100 cm100 cm
Length:84 cm84 cm

in general, this is probably not one of the most flattering cuts on me. but that's not the skirts problem, thats mine! i just need to figure out a way to style it differently. it is an amazing skirt. its really soft, and its probably one of the higher quality items i got out of the lot. there is a slight bit that bothered me along the hem of the skirt. they didnt really follow through with the pattern and just sewed up a hem. as a result some of the stripe overlaps and crosses over on itself, but its not super noticeable. i would highly recommend this. i think its way worth the money and a good staple to add to your wardrobe (assuming you like maxi skirts)

59 Seconds (Hong Kong)
Crochet-Lace Skirt

One Size - $19.20
Waist:70-86 cm60-70 cm
Hem:112 cm104 cm
Length:52 cm52 cm

looooveeeee this. probably my favorite item out of everything i purchased. quality (meaning the knit of the crochet) seems pretty decent, especially considering the price. the lining on the inside of the skirt is pretty thin though, and totally see through. i like how it fits on my waist. the elastic isn't sewn in so tight that it pushes my hips out and makes them seem wider. i also love how the lining is shorter than the actual hem. give it a bit of a peek-a-boo sort of look.

i was also impressed that there seemed to be no fraying or broken links in the crochet. my well loved crochet shorts had the problem from the minute i took them out of the package, so that was a pleasant surprise. although, we'll see how well it holds up after a wash.

overall, this is a really great item, and i recommend purchasing it if you like it. definitely worth what i pay, and time will tell if it is worth more.

Tokyo Fashion (Taiwan)
Lace Panel Leggings

One Size - $12.96
Waist:82 cm63 cm
Crotch:23 cm24 cm
Length:91 cm90.5 cm

i was fairly worried when i ordered this. one size pants, leggings or not, did not seem like a good idea, but these surprisingly fit pretty well. minus the rise of the waist. holy crap there is much room between the waist and the crotch that the band hits right under my bust. also the material on this is pretty cheap and thin, and shiny. but its kind of cool at the same time since it gives it that liquid legging look. the lace is decent, sewn on well enough where i don't think it'll tear with one wear. it is folded over on the knee (i'm guessing to give room when you bend) so it hands out a little when you stand.
tons of stretch to it, but not soo much that it fits loosely or too tight. really not a bad buy, especially once fall rolls around again. about worth the cost, maybe a little over priced, but i like the novelty of it.

Tokyo Fashion (Taiwan)
Button-Front Belted Long Skirt

One Size - $20.16
Waist:73 cm63 cm

i really hated this. it actually seems to have photographed well, which makes this photo a complete lie. there's just too much material and it doesn't lie well. i feel like i gained 20 lbs when i wear it. its made from a cheap poplin, and the waist is cut in a really bad way. if you try to wear it without a belt to cover up the band, its pretty hideous and unflattering. when i first tried it on, it was super, super wrinkled from packing and shipping, and it did lie out a bit better once i ironed it all out, but i still hate it. because of the volume the buttons keep disappearing and the blue and blue makes it hard to see them. tons of loose threads on the inside, its a hot mess. probably my least favorite of the bunch (even more than the bubble gum pink shirt). the skirt came with the belt pictured, and the belt itself is okay. its an obvious cheap belt, but i like that it can be hooked at any length.

59 Seconds (Hong Kong)
Lace Trim Shorts

One Size - $7.20
Waist:74-84 cm62-74 cm

there isn't much to say on this. it is exactly what it is. the main reason i'm including it in the review is because its worth to note that 59 seconds does source from other suppliers. the crochet skirt i ordered from them was the right brand, but this one was something different (laing bu rang). the material is really shiny and cheap, but all i care about is the lace part. it peaks out right where it needs to from a pair of shorts, so it was totally worth the money for me.

sorry this was a super long post! i do hope this helps someone out. :) and if you made it this far YesStyle is offering a promo right now $10 off $80, and if you spend $75 gets you free shipping! (if less than that its currently $4.99 which is about half the cost it normally is). Coupon code is EXJLT12S. happy shopping!


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