Wednesday, March 21, 2012

dot dot dot

I can tell you three things that I'm absolutely obsessed with this season. Just ridiculously, irrationally obsessed with.

1) Polka Dots
2) Mint Green
3) Cherry Prints

Yeah, cherry prints. You thought I was going to say florals didn't you? Well that would probably fall into number four. But florals are a pretty standard obsession during the spring time.. the cherry print? Well, yeah I'm not entirely sure where it came from. But I have an idea...

This totally reminds me of a glamour shot lol

You'll just have to wait til the next blog post to find out. :P

For now.. I've had to put a stop to myself. I will not buy any more cherry print. I will not. You guys must be really confused. Have you seen any cherry prints on this blog yet? Nope. Not a stitch. Not until today that is. But little do you know I many a post lined up with cherries galore!

How I do love cherries.

The print. Not the fruit, or the flavor, funny enough.

So of course when I stumbled upon this little top on ASOS with polka dots and a cherry on top? I didn't even hesitate to purchase it! Even if I did have to purchase it in a size 16. Which, thank gawd. Do you see how short this little tank is? If I'd purchased it in my actual size that would've been quite scandalous! Sometimes my habit of buying inappropriate sizes for my body pays off.

p.s.. for once I'm actually wearing the same outfit the same day I posted on the blog! Well, sort of. Work appropriate version, added a striped blazer and grey overcoat. Oh, and flats, because I'm climbing later today. So really, just two items are the same. Oops.

ASOS cherry tank, RVCA cropped pants, Dolce Vita Baxter heels, Hello Kitty necklace


  1. What a lovely outfit! Those shoes are to die for and I'm really loving the cherry/polka dot crop top. It's totally adorable. I love cherry prints also and am not a huge fan of actual cherries or cherry flavor. I can't wait to see the other cheery prints that you have coming up. Love your blog, by the way! You have great style!

    xx Adrian