Tuesday, March 20, 2012

China Glaze x Hunger Games Sally Beauty Sale

I've been wanting to add some new elements to the blog lately. This particular element I'd been thinking about for a while now, but it tends to require a more on-demand kind of blogging--which is difficult in my life style. Nevertheless, I want to try.

Why? Because I'm really good at finding deals and I want to share them with you guys!

I was going to wait a bit before I introduced a deal post to the blog, but I came across one today that I just couldn't resist sharing! I'm sure you're just as excited as I am about the Hunger Games hitting theaters on Friday. If you remember a while back I posted about China Glaze Hunger Games Polish Collection. It was a while ago, so if you forgot about it, I don't blame you - I almost did!

But now they're here! And all the beauty blog swatches look amazing. I was only going to pick two colors since they're still $7.00 a piece, but then I stumbled upon this...

Thats right! They're on sale at Sally Beauty for $3.50 each! But thats not all. You can get an additional 15% or 20% off your purchase, and possibly free shipping. It comes out to about $2.90 each, and at that price you can get the entire collection! (Not that you should, but if you did, I wouldn't judge you.)

Note: You'll need to be a Sally Beauty member in order to even see this sale price. Its really worth it though. The club costs $5 for the year, but they send you a $5 rewards certificate the very next day. You can use the certificate in-store or online, so the membership kind of pays for itself. Sometimes they'll randomly send out a $10 one during the year too. There are other perks to the membership, you can read more about them and sign up if you're interested here.

In order to get free shipping, you'll need to have a minimum order of $50. I combined an order with my friend and added in an additional item that I plan on returning later. Combining orders with a friend is always a great way to beat shipping costs.

If you plan on going for the free shipping, then you can stack your order with a 20% off $50 coupon (code: 555117).

If you don't feel like spending $50, and would just like to pick up a few colors, shipping is set at $5.95. I added up to 6 polish colors and shipping cost never changed. You can use this 15% off coupon (code: 555938)--no minimum!--to help negate the cost of shipping. It does up the average price to around $3.80-$4.50 a bottle (depending on how many you purchase), but its still better than $7. :)

Regular China Glaze polishes are also on sale for about $3.00 right now. Another great price without having to wait for clearance. I picked up Peachy Keen, Re-Fresh Mint, and Dorothy Who?.

And don't forget! If you have eBates, its 6% cash back right now! And if you don't have eBates, sign up! Its the best friend you'll ever have to online shopping (especially during the holiday season with the cash back percentages double). I've used it for years now and have gotten back over $500. Which pretty much all went back into more shopping. :X



  1. Thank you for sharing! I absolutely love nail polish - I'll definitely check it out. :)