Monday, February 13, 2012

valentine's day nails - look 01

a lil pre-valentine's day treat for you this miserable monday morning (its raining cats and dogs here). i'd been wanting to do a nail design like this, ever since i came across Motel Rock's Ozlem dress. Motel Rocks is slowly becoming one of my favorite brands for great unique items. they sell on ModCloth, which how i first discovered them, and its just been growing from there. they really make fabulous body con pieces (gawd, this sounds like a sponsored post! lol but its not, i swear), which also means i only wear their stuff on my super confidents days!

i thought this went well for a first attempt. i even free hand lil hearts to make it more fitting for february! next time, i'll use thinner strips of tape, i feel like the black might be a bit overwhelming, but in general i really like it!

(see, isn't this dress all sorts of fab?)



  1. So cute! my boyfriend hates nailpolish so for his love, I'll leave the stuff off tomorrow. Haha! x