Wednesday, February 8, 2012

today is never too late to be brand new

i woke up this morning to a comment from an old co-worker on facebook:

Hi Pamada. Ahhhh! Because of you, I bought a pair that looks similar to what you posted. Couldn't spend $100 on shoes cuz I'm on a budget so I researched and found these. Bought black and medium tan.

Also since you inspired me to lose weight, I wanted to tell you I'm down 40 pounds and more to go. Hearing your success story gave me hope that it was possible to attain my goal. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Hope to see you soon.

her comment was awesome because of two things: one, i got her to buy not one, but two pairs of adorable shoes. and two, most importantly, i really helped motivate her!

i've been skinny for most of my life. like one of those never gains weight, under a 100lbs, kind of skinny, but towards the tail end of college that all changed. it was a slow gain and i didn't really notice it at first because i was still fitting into most of my clothing. even when i started having to buy bigger sizes, they were size smalls, mostly 4's sometimes 6's - i didn't think i was really that bad off.

i don't want you to take away from this that being a size 4 or 6 is a bad thing. because its not. every body is different, and what is a skinny weight on one person, isn't the same as it is on another. what really mattered was that i wasn't healthy, and i wasn't proportionate to what my natural body weight should have been.

so i made some changes. a lot of changes. i changed my diet, i started working out. i learned to say "no" to certain foods. working out was difficult. i'm not naturally athletic, so i struggled with progress--i still struggle with progress. its taken me almost four years of solid running to be able to run five miles on a consistant basis. some people can do that after a month of training. its frustrating, but i don't let it shake me. i kept going at it, and five months later i was 30 lbs lighter.

that was five years ago. and i've told this story a few times since then, once of which was to my old co-worker sometime last year. i'm glad i made an impact :)

speaking of.. the only reason this picture is here is because i like how skinny i look in it. lol. i also really like this black and brown combination. i hate how flats cut my height in half (not that i'm very tall to begin with) but i do like the more urban feel the boots give to it.

this is one of those examples where "fashion" rules aren't always meant to be followed. actually, i'm more so convinced that the no brown and black rule was created because of men, who would wear all black suits with cognac brown shoes (i had an ex who did this), because other wise, black and brown can go together quite well. especially if its more of a tan and black? omg i love tan and black. i was obsessed buying all things black and tan during the fall season.

also, if you're wondering what shoes i'd posted on facebook, it was these Boutique 9 ones. i've been stalking them forever, waiting for the right combination of rewards, coupon and giftcards >.< lol i'm almost there:

photos taken by me
black poppy owl print dress, mossimo faux leather jacket, express hoodie, blue canyon boots, random necklace stolen from mother
innocent - taylor swift



  1. You're so cute! I love how your outfit is a mix of comfortable and classy.

  2. Love the mixture of your outfit... so cute and wonderful... great style...

    Tanja - or via Bloglovin