Friday, February 3, 2012

there's a funny story about this package..

there's something awesome in this package. if you follow me on twitter you may have an idea of what's in it. if not, well... you're just going to have to wait to find out. but its pretty awesome, i assure you.

the package was scheduled to arrive on the same day as another package for bf. i can't tell you what's in that package either. bf would kill me, but something in that package did require a call to the police later on (scary, huh?).

so the day started off as usual. this was obviously before we both got sick and have been confined to the house. we were both really excited to get our packages, we talked about it all weekend with each other. we've been together long enough that we can talk about lame things like that and it still seems exciting. we also talk about how kaylee's dew claw has gotten so long that i'm pretty sure she can slit our throats in our sleep. see, seriously exciting.

in any case, bf got home before i did. i went to the gym like i normally do and then out to dinner with a friend. it was while at dinner when the excitement started. in a flurry of angry pings, bf let us know that his package was missing! i offered the normal suggestions like maybe the neighbors' had it, or maybe UPS accidently delivered it to the other neighbor's house (this has happened a couple times already). i was driving home at this point, deciding our plan of attack against UPS, because really delivering 3 different packages to the wrong house is just absurd right? and we should seriously complain. i never thought to ask him about my package.

i got through the door, gave bf a comforting hug, assured him we'll question all the neighbors in the morning, tear UPS a new one, and then ran over to the side gate to get my package.

wait. where is it?

i looked at bf, did you see another package today? no!?!? WHAT?! two packages missing? oh gawd, someone is going around the neighborhood stealing packages! we need to form a neighborhood watch! we need a plan of action. oh.. crap... the something needs to be reported to the police as missing!

now before ya'll think that i'm jumping to conclusions, you should know that less than a week before this incident our neighbor had items stolen from his SUV. we really do believe there is someone going around the area looking for crimes of opportunities, and two unattended packages is a perfect opportunity is it not? so we really did call the police and report the something as possibly being stolen. and apparently the police thought it was a rather serious matter because they were sending some officers over to the house to file an official report. of course my devious mind thought about throwing in the house on the corner who always parks in the red and almost causes an accident every day into the report, but i'm a mean sort like that.

about 15-20 minutes after we called the police, we got a knock on the door. thinking it was the officers, i quickly shut off a rather bloody episode of Sons of Anarchy and bf went to answer the door. SoA would've been totally appropriate thing for the cops to walk in on us watching right? actually, it was our neighbor.

holding both of our packages.

so yes, we had to call the police back and told them just kidding, the something wasn't actually stolen.

and yes, i really made an entire blog entry about my package and am not showing you the contents.

that'll be for another blog post.. :D if you haven't unfollowed me out of disgusting by then


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