Friday, February 17, 2012

like glitter's raining on me

i had a cute little post planned out to go with all of this, but at the moment i seemed to be plagued with a rather bad migraine. you know, the kind that makes you want to puke and hide in a black hole where no light can get in? yeah that kind of migraine.


i started off the post with a picture of the shoes and not the outfit, because really the entire outfit was an excuse to wear my new seychelles. not sure if you recall this post back in october when i was completely obsessed, but i finally got them! and on sale with an additional 50% off - thank you DSW! granted they're about half a size too big, but i don't care. they're super comfortable to wear and ridiculous adorable.

i'm also starting to realize that i shop an absurd amount at pacsun. i mean, i kind of knew it already given the manager recognizes me and we have discussions every time i walk in, but the last like.. 5 outfit posts, minus the jason wu one, have all included items from there.


oh wells, they do have ridiculously cute clothing and i always get it at some amazing price.

just pretend like you don't see that half inch gap behind my heel. the shoes fit. i swear.

what do you guys think of my make up? i keep trying out different things to see what shows up best on camera. i've learned really quickly that, while my make up looks fantastic in the mirror i seem to loose about 50% of it on camera - to the point where sometimes it looks like i'm not wearing any at all!

c'est la vie

hope you all have a great 3 day weekend!!

photos taken by me
pacsun hi-low sweater, h&m dress, asos polka dot socks, seychelles ampersand heels, random necklace from nordstrom
domino - jessie j


  1. Phahaha,your posts are always hilarious :D This outfit is my favorite, great combination with the dress ^_^