Monday, February 6, 2012

jason wu, i think i love you

do you remember this post? where i jokingly said i wanted to take it all home? i didn't actually PLAN on taking it all home... it just sort of happened. ok? it just happened

i'm convinced my fingers must've been possessed by.. some.. fashion deprived ghost (wow, that's a stretch). that can seriously be the only explanation possible right? /sheepish-grin. it couldn't possibly be that i lost all self control and placed a bunch of orders online (and then another set in-store). right...?

i'm taking a bit of a gamble and banking on target actually shipping my items since i bought most of it online. half my packages have shipped already, so thats a good sign. i only went in-store to get a this dress because it sold out on me before i could check out. also, before you think i'm even crazier than i am, i ordered multiple packages because, as expected, was having major issues. my cart kept dumping and things were selling out before i could check out. so as soon as my cart would hit $50 (for free shipping of course) i would check out. which is why i'll (hopefully) be receiving six packages soon.. and the bf will yell at me. or just be in utter shock and disgust. not sure which will happen first.

of course.. if everything doesn't ship, well then i didn't go off the deep end and spend an absurd amount of money. and i'm not totally insane. :D

my in-store experience was actually a lot better than my online one. my online one had me freaking out at a dinner party and becoming completely anti-social as i tried to check out over a t-mobile connection (and possibly threatening bf to hand over his phone so i could use it instead). and then yelling at my computer about how much i hate target and could they just let me buy my stuff? lol.

but yes, the in-store one was actually really pleasant. i got there around 6:30 AM, did a quick starbucks run, and then realized that there was no one there. oh crap. am i crazy? maybe this line isn't as popular as i think it is. i actually did a quick check on twitter and saw that there was in fact a frenzy going on. it just didn't seem to be at my location. so i held my ground and around 7:15 AM about 50-60 other crazies showed up behind me. i didn't feel as bad after that and it also meant i was first in line! woo hoo! oh, by the way, if you're ever doing one of these, get chatty - make some friends! i did with a couple other girls (one of whom had this gorgeous hot pink Celine tote, omg) and we helped each other out (grabbed sizes, watched items while the other was in the fitting room, etc).

i walked out with exactly what i wanted: the navy poplin dress, the black and white cycling dress, and the floral satchel. overall, pretty good experience! none of the horror stories i heard about missoni, and definitely nothing close to what happened in Miami. i still can't believe that corporate let those people do that. (youtube video here) way to care about your customers. in any case, i'll update more (and of course more looks) once i get my stuff in.

photos taken by me
jason wu by target navy poplin dress, forever 21 headband, franco sarto luxe pumps (similar)


  1. The dress looks GORGEOUS on you!!

  2. I have to say I don't have the patience to shop for Target's designer collaborations - but this dress looks fabulous on you & now I'm kinda wishing I had scoped out the Jason Wu collection! Love those stripes at the bottom.


    1. yea the missoni one didn't really blow my mind.. i only shopped it once it went on clearance, but i totally fell in love with this collection... which is why my credit card now hates me lol

  3. The dress looks amazing on you.. i love it!

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  4. beautiful outfit! I love it!
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  5. I just saw this on WhatIWear and I can't believe target's site is so bad! I hope you get your packages soon...and that you manage to slip them past your boyfriend without him noticing haha! Following your blog now <3

  6. That dress is amazing on you! My shopping strategy was similar to yours. I shopped online with more than 1 order, because you gotta be quick or things will leave your cart. I also shopped in store, bright and early. I styled some of my pieces in a recent blog post. I hope you enjoy!

  7. Super cute! I totally filled my cart & freaked out when they started cancelling things on me, but some of mine have shipped as well. My bf thinks I'm insane. He was like "Just because I was half asleep doesn't mean I didn't see how much you spent!" Opps! Hahaha...

    1. hahahahahahah! omg yea... lucky for me bf was actually asleep! whenever he asks me how i spent i tell him, "i don't want to talk about it"

  8. It seems that you have bought the entire collection!! The blue and yellow polka dot dress is my favorite but I must say , every piece looks amazing on you!!