Wednesday, February 29, 2012

february art: wu wu wu

ha! you thought i forgot didn't you? well, i didn't! i was just holding out on you guys, waiting until the last possible second to keep you in suspense! or, the more likely story, i didn't finish this until last night, forgot to bring my sketchbook to work with me so i could use the scanner there because the one at home is too small (or i drew too big) and i had to take a picture of it instead with the d60, which of course didn't happen until after i got home from work and the gym (and a couple of target runs :X).

breathe. longest run on in history. and totally, totally.. not... true. not in the least. ;D

like any artsy person i tend to draw inspiration from things around me. whether its a magazine that pops up on my door or a hair style and earrings i've become obsessed with. so it should be no surprise that this month's art is of course centered around jason wu for target.

i was tempted to color this one with watercolors but things have been a little hectic lately and i ran out of time. and watercolors cause a big mess that i didn't want to clean up. so i resorted to my second favorite form of color (pastels are my first btw), colored pencils! (plus, the sketch i did was so dirty that i don't think watercolors would've been a good idea :P). since this is inspired from the jason wu for target line, i, of course, had to feature a cartoon version of Milu and his adorable red bow. i had some trouble deciding on the outfit though. there are so many items that i love from it! first thought was to draw out the the sheer white top with the black ribbon and pair it with the belize skirt, but i think thats been done before. next was my favorite--the navy poplin! but then i thought it might make everything too dark with Milu being a black kitty and all.

and then it hit me. of course. the cream flared dress? perfect! plus, i don't know when i'll actually get to wear it, so i might as well let her wear it first, no? that and i wanted an excuse to draw cute litte scallop trims.

in any case, enjoy! :)

jason wu cream flared dress and milu - graphite and colored pencil


  1. This is super impressive! You have mad skills, great choice using the cream flare it looks even more adorable in this.

  2. You are so talented! I love using pastels and color pencils too! I made the mistake of using watercolor in my sketchbook and it seeped through lol. But anyways, I love this photo, it's so cute. I like how you drew inspiration from the Jason Wu line!