Friday, February 24, 2012

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crown and crumpet

i'm really glad that this blog isn't restricted to some sort of real-life time line 'cause other wise i'd be in a heap of trouble. or i'd be having some sort of long term fringe event.

back towards the end of december i hinted about some awesome san francisco adventures i'd had. unfortunately only one of the adventures made it to the blog and the other sat in the editing pile on my desk for a bit. :X oops. after some (lots) of pushing from anna, i finally sat down and went through all of them!

our friend chelle lives in a far away land called philadelphia and we never get to see her! every time i drive by the san francisco airport i think about her (no joke) and wished she was on a plane coming to visit. when she does visit its normally a fairly short visit, for only a few hours, and then shes off to save the world again. but this time, oh this time was spectacular. not only was she staying for a couple of days, but we were going to have a sleepover! /highschool-giggle. which meant we had loads of time to do things like go to the deYoung museum, drive around san francisco five million times, grab a bowl of clam chowder...

and go to crown & crumpet.


crown & crumpet is this adorable little tea place in ghirardelli square. imagine that tea party you use to have with ted e. bear and sally the sock monkey. now times that by a hundred and add in real tea.

that. is crown & crumpet.

i think this is seriously my favorite shot out of the bunch

when you first walk in, you'll see that the place is head to toe in pink and full of random vintage items.

and candy.

and cupcakes.

and tea cups.

lots and lots of really freaking adorable tea cups.


that you can purchase btw. you can purchase an entire tea set from them. i can't tell you how hard it was resist that. especially since the tea-cup saucers have sayings on the bottom of them. really cute sayings like, "gossip and scandal are the best sweetners for tea", or "bread and water can so easily be toast and tea".

stupid me forgot to take a picture of it. sigh. but you can see one here.

we decided to do the "tea for three" which can easily be turned into "tea for two" or "tea for four", so don't worry if you have more than three in your party. the "tea for three" allows you to pick three different teas (private blend, mango, and paris in our case, all great. the mango was my favorite, paris, anna and chelle's), and comes with an assortment of tea appropriate foods on the side.

like sandwiches...


and cookies..


and crumpets!!!


omg the crumpet. i dream about the crumpet, i really do. you can put butter, lemon curd, or jam on top of a warm delicious crumpet. or you can do what i did and put all three. lol. gosh i wish they gave you more crumpets.

not that the rest wasn't tastey as well. and the best part is that the food is always changing. no table gets the same items, so really every time you go you're experience is different. which means you should go a lot.

i want to. i'm trying to convince bf to take me on a date here, but i'm worried he might go into shock from pink overload.

me and chelle
i look like a zombie here because it took us over an hour to get there thanks to horrible SF traffic.. worse than LA because there are lots and lots of freaking hills

or maybe just convince chelle to fly back out again for some more tea.

thats totally rational right?


more sugar for your tea?


and at the end we invaded the pink floral couch, batted our pretty eyes, and asked the waiter to take our picture. (notice the pink tiles on the floor?!?)

empty cup

mad hatter: would you like a little more tea?
alice: well, i haven't had any yet, so i can't very well take more.
march hare: ah, you mean you can't very well take less.
mad hatter: yes. you can always take more than nothing.

photos taken by me
save me, san francisco - train


  1. you forgot to add the part where we actually tried to drink three whole pots of tea and were wired for hours lol.

    also PARIS was my favorite! >.<

    1. shh.. there's only so much i can subject readers to.

      and i corrected >.< lolol

  2. Your pictures are absolutely amazing... I know where to stop next time when I am in SF.

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    Tanja - or via Bloglovin

  3. This is freakin adorable ! I always wanted to visit something like this, but I'm worried I wouldn't want to leave and they'd have to use the broom on me :D

  4. Ohh I've never been to this one I'll have to check it out next time I go down to the square if your ever near Inner Sunset/Golden Gate Park district Rose Tea is a nice place to stop for a quick bite and some tea!

    1. oh nice! i'll keep that in mind.. i srsly love tea >.< doesn't help when its displayed in cute shops like this too!

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  6. I love Crown & Crumpet! Everything looks delicious :)