Thursday, February 2, 2012


does any one else find it ironic that i got sick the day after watching contagion? (which is a good movie by the way, definitely worth a rental.) i'm sitting here with a sore throat and a bit of building congestion. my head is seriously starting to hurt and all i want to do is crawl into bed.

but instead, i'm still at work. sigh.

in any case, while contagion may have inspired today's post title, and the fact that i'm sick, its a fairly good segway (because i say so) into how contagious fashion trends can be. i'll be honest, the whole tribal thing did not really appeal to me until recently--like really recently. i was digging through pacsun's 70% off blue dot sale (freaking amazing, can't tell you how much crap i bought) and i came across this fleece top. at first i was like eh, tribal, and put it down. but then i picked it up again, and put it down again and picked it up again... and eventually it just came home with me.

i'm really glad i did. i seriously love it, plus its fleece so that means it is warrrrmmm. bf likes to call it my "save by the bell" top (i pretty much dated both of us by revealing that fact), and i have to agree, its sort of has that crazy print that was so popular back then. fashion is just like that sometimes, there are so many different interpretations of a trend that eventually you may just find one that you love--never say never.

minus shoulder pads, never shoulder pads for me. i will look like a linebacker.

p.s... when purchasing a chiffon skirt, makes sure to pay attention to how the inner lining fits, not just the waist. >.< lets just say this skirt is ridiculous short and i risk flashing the world every time i wear. oh why didn't i buy it in a larger size?! hype this look on

volcom space rocker crew, forever 21 belt, forever 21 hi-low skirt, steve madden carnaby boots, necklace stolen from mother


  1. Gorgeous skirt! Great style and blog. If you want we could follow each other via GFC. Promise to follow back in case you like my blog and follow me. Kisses x

  2. Saved by the Bell! I used to love that show. It is quite Saved by the Bell, actually. Looks like something Kelly might have worn.

  3. I love that shirt! & paired with that skirt. Love everything about this outfit!

  4. That is a fantastic shot! And I love the outfit.


  5. my goodness the booties. Fabulous.