Wednesday, February 29, 2012

february art: wu wu wu

ha! you thought i forgot didn't you? well, i didn't! i was just holding out on you guys, waiting until the last possible second to keep you in suspense! or, the more likely story, i didn't finish this until last night, forgot to bring my sketchbook to work with me so i could use the scanner there because the one at home is too small (or i drew too big) and i had to take a picture of it instead with the d60, which of course didn't happen until after i got home from work and the gym (and a couple of target runs :X).

breathe. longest run on in history. and totally, totally.. not... true. not in the least. ;D

like any artsy person i tend to draw inspiration from things around me. whether its a magazine that pops up on my door or a hair style and earrings i've become obsessed with. so it should be no surprise that this month's art is of course centered around jason wu for target.

i was tempted to color this one with watercolors but things have been a little hectic lately and i ran out of time. and watercolors cause a big mess that i didn't want to clean up. so i resorted to my second favorite form of color (pastels are my first btw), colored pencils! (plus, the sketch i did was so dirty that i don't think watercolors would've been a good idea :P). since this is inspired from the jason wu for target line, i, of course, had to feature a cartoon version of Milu and his adorable red bow. i had some trouble deciding on the outfit though. there are so many items that i love from it! first thought was to draw out the the sheer white top with the black ribbon and pair it with the belize skirt, but i think thats been done before. next was my favorite--the navy poplin! but then i thought it might make everything too dark with Milu being a black kitty and all.

and then it hit me. of course. the cream flared dress? perfect! plus, i don't know when i'll actually get to wear it, so i might as well let her wear it first, no? that and i wanted an excuse to draw cute litte scallop trims.

in any case, enjoy! :)

jason wu cream flared dress and milu - graphite and colored pencil

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

lets get some shoes, lets get some shoes

wow a whole week without an outfit post! i guess those jason wu reviews fuddled up the brain a bit huh? or possibly my wallet has been holding me captive for the past few days in hopes i'll stop abusing it at target (seriously, i think i've lost track of how many trips i've made out there this month).

there was also a slight incident in which i had an allergic reaction to some medication that wiped me out for a day or so. but we can just pretend that it was the wallet's fault. i like that scenario. and in an epic battle, i bravely broke free, bought more shoes and came out a hero!

this is actually a true story.. its been shoes-bruary in my house. i think bf's ready to kill me. or pretending to shoot at millions of shoes while he plays battlefield 3. i'm not actually paying for a lot of these shoes, and that is important to note (why? probably because i spent a gawd awful amont of money on jason wu and need an intervention). i'd been holding on to an amazon giftcard from my manager since christmas (some sort of small feat there), so that explains the two betsey johnson shoes i purchased. i'd won two $50 giftcards from DSW (how i love them), so that explains the boutique 9 and mojo moxy shoes that haven't arrived yet. and i won "look of the week" from bakers shoes on shoeternity, so that'll explain the bakers shoes i haven't picked out yet.

so really, i haven't bought any shoes at all this month. i've been a perfectly well behaved little panda. :)

minus the 50% off coupon i have from solestruck that will force me to place an order by the end of the month. but those shoes won't arrive until march, so it doesn't count.. right?

don't worry! i didn't forget about my outfit. this was one of those happy accidents that happened when i was putting together another review post. throw on a few accessories and wah-la~! instant awesome outfit.

i think my favorite part is how the sheer snakeskin print sort of mimics the holes that the crochet pattern creates. i think thats why this outfit works so well together. the red on the shoes is a more muted red, so its not too bright and doesn't overpower the neutral colors.

speaking of shoes (again), these were an amazing find. i found them at DSW and for some unknown reason didn't get them right away. which caused me to obsess over them for over a week until i finally caved. well, its a good thing i waited! when i went back to pick them up they were an additional 80% off! i love it when shoes are amazing and cheap, its almost as good as them being free. heehee.

photos by me
pacsun sheer top, yesstyle crochet skirt, MRKT via DSW claire pump, forever 21 belt, random bracelets
shoes - liam kelly sullivan

Friday, February 24, 2012

every day so caffeinated, i wish they were golden gated

crown and crumpet

i'm really glad that this blog isn't restricted to some sort of real-life time line 'cause other wise i'd be in a heap of trouble. or i'd be having some sort of long term fringe event.

back towards the end of december i hinted about some awesome san francisco adventures i'd had. unfortunately only one of the adventures made it to the blog and the other sat in the editing pile on my desk for a bit. :X oops. after some (lots) of pushing from anna, i finally sat down and went through all of them!

our friend chelle lives in a far away land called philadelphia and we never get to see her! every time i drive by the san francisco airport i think about her (no joke) and wished she was on a plane coming to visit. when she does visit its normally a fairly short visit, for only a few hours, and then shes off to save the world again. but this time, oh this time was spectacular. not only was she staying for a couple of days, but we were going to have a sleepover! /highschool-giggle. which meant we had loads of time to do things like go to the deYoung museum, drive around san francisco five million times, grab a bowl of clam chowder...

and go to crown & crumpet.


crown & crumpet is this adorable little tea place in ghirardelli square. imagine that tea party you use to have with ted e. bear and sally the sock monkey. now times that by a hundred and add in real tea.

that. is crown & crumpet.

i think this is seriously my favorite shot out of the bunch

when you first walk in, you'll see that the place is head to toe in pink and full of random vintage items.

and candy.

and cupcakes.

and tea cups.

lots and lots of really freaking adorable tea cups.


that you can purchase btw. you can purchase an entire tea set from them. i can't tell you how hard it was resist that. especially since the tea-cup saucers have sayings on the bottom of them. really cute sayings like, "gossip and scandal are the best sweetners for tea", or "bread and water can so easily be toast and tea".

stupid me forgot to take a picture of it. sigh. but you can see one here.

we decided to do the "tea for three" which can easily be turned into "tea for two" or "tea for four", so don't worry if you have more than three in your party. the "tea for three" allows you to pick three different teas (private blend, mango, and paris in our case, all great. the mango was my favorite, paris, anna and chelle's), and comes with an assortment of tea appropriate foods on the side.

like sandwiches...


and cookies..


and crumpets!!!


omg the crumpet. i dream about the crumpet, i really do. you can put butter, lemon curd, or jam on top of a warm delicious crumpet. or you can do what i did and put all three. lol. gosh i wish they gave you more crumpets.

not that the rest wasn't tastey as well. and the best part is that the food is always changing. no table gets the same items, so really every time you go you're experience is different. which means you should go a lot.

i want to. i'm trying to convince bf to take me on a date here, but i'm worried he might go into shock from pink overload.

me and chelle
i look like a zombie here because it took us over an hour to get there thanks to horrible SF traffic.. worse than LA because there are lots and lots of freaking hills

or maybe just convince chelle to fly back out again for some more tea.

thats totally rational right?


more sugar for your tea?


and at the end we invaded the pink floral couch, batted our pretty eyes, and asked the waiter to take our picture. (notice the pink tiles on the floor?!?)

empty cup

mad hatter: would you like a little more tea?
alice: well, i haven't had any yet, so i can't very well take more.
march hare: ah, you mean you can't very well take less.
mad hatter: yes. you can always take more than nothing.

photos taken by me
save me, san francisco - train

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

jason wu for target review - part 02

so i was suppose to do my taxes this weekend... but i thought part 02 of my jason wu for target review would be more fun, lol! i'm pretty sure my mailman is thankful that the last package has been delivered and he can finally take a break from visiting my house :P also, if you're looking for part 01, you can find it here.

on we go! this review will go over:

jersey dress in red/navy stripes
short sleeve tee with tie in cream
pleated skirt in black
long sleeve sheer blouse in white w/ black ribbon tie
blouse with tie in blush dots
long-sleeve sheer blouse in blush dots
flared dress in white
trench in navy

i know i said i might review the floral scarf and floral flap hand bag, but i ran out of time. funny how you can run out of time when you have an extra day to the weekend, but it happened. :( sorry! hope you won't be too disappointed. the scarf is pretty much on par with the cat print one, though. and the handbag is nice, but i'll be honest. i haven't gotten a good look at it yet! i've been ooo-ing and ahhing over the clothing to pay much attention to the handbag. :X

also, it seems like tons of people have been returning things to target lately. this is awesome for two reasons - no wait, three reasons! one, online exclusives get marked down to 75% off automatically. yes, you read that correctly. that $34.99 sheer blouse can now be found in-store (assuming someone returned it) for a meer eight bucks! two, these reviews aren't completely irrelevant now that you can actually get some of these items yourself if you haven't already (minus that darn belize skirt, anyways). and three, there's a good chance that a lot of these items will make it to clearance. i mean, seriously my target mysteriously got a whole size run in of the jersey red striped dress! so keep those receipts! target lets you return up until 90 days! you might be able to find your item at a cheaper price by then.

jersey dress in red/navy stripes
$34.99, size XS

i really liked this dress. its super light weight and even though its a shift, i don't feel like i lose my figure in it. the colors are really bold and clean. you'll stand out and still look very chic and classic. i tried loosely cinching it with yellow belt that came with the chiffon dress and i think it adds an additional element to it. even better, its thin enough that you can tuck it into a pair of shorts, and add to the versatile. the only real con is because its so light weight, its pretty sheer. i'm not sure if i'm going to keep it yet, but if i do, i will definitely need to purchase a slip to go under it.

faux look #11: red striped shirt with navy shorts

okay, so this isn't REALLY look #11. but its close? i actually have a pair of navy blue cuffed shorts i could've used with this look, but i thought it be cute to pair it with my floral ones instead.

in any case, the main point of this is to show you have versatile the jersey dress is. and since it's fairly similar to the red striped shirt, you might want to think twice about keeping both of them? if you're looking to save some cash that is, and after this collection, lol, i'm definitely looking to save some cash.

short sleeve tee with tie in cream
$22.99, size XS

i thought this was a fairly cute and casual shirt. not special enough to keep though. the material is nice and cool and heavy enough to hang nicely. it does cling, however, to just about every curve you have, so if you're the type that tends to feel a bit self conscious, i wouldn't recommend it.

pleated skirt in black
$29.99, size 2

man shoulders man shoulders :(

this skirt fits pretty much like the floral pleated one did, and because its a fairly ordinary skirt, i decided not to tkeep it. its not a bad fit, and i think if it ever goes on clearance i will probably pick it up, but for the price and compared to the floral one, i didn't think it was worth the cost.

actually, i found this skirt over the weekend at target by xhilaration. its lot more flattering for my figure and less than half the price! if you see one (it comes in a million adorable colors, i really recommend picking it up).

long sleeve sheer blouse in white with black ribbon
$34.99, size XS

this shirt, is ridiculously thin. lol, so thin i had to take this photo twice because i didn't realize how thin it was. oops. scandalous! for the most part, i really like the shirt. i love the sheer (as long as i remember to put on a tank underneath :P) and the ruffled bib. what i don't love is the ribbon they used for the tie. for one, it ties poorly and nothing like the original picture. its also sewn onto the shirt which pretty much just limits you to wearing this shirt one way. i wish they had made it with the ribbon detachable, so that you could have the option not to wear it. i also wish it was a higher quality ribbon and didn't feel like something i could've picked up at jo-anns. third! i also wish they'd made the ribbon pre-tied and you just clipped it closed instead.

which is what i might do. i'm considering detaching the ribbon (assuming this doesn't ruin the chiffon) and creating a separate ribbon collar. also, i haven't experienced this myself (yet), but i've heard from several other girls that this shirt, along with the long sleeve dotted blush one, is very poor in quality. yes the material is suppose to be thin and sheer, and yes, it is suppose to be chiffon - but its a rather cheap chiffon. i've heard a lot of girls complaining of the shirt ripping in less than 5 minutes of wear. so i don't really recommend it.. unless you're like me and found it in-store for 8 bucks. then, yes, its worth it. because if and when it rips, i won't be crying over losing thirty five dollars.

"tucked in" to compare

look #14: white sheer blouse with tie and black pleated skirt

so i really love this look. i wanted to keep the skirt just so i could wear this look, but i needed to prioritize! its so sporty and feminine and clean - everything that embodies jason wu's style.

blouse with tie in blush dots
$34.99, size XS

this is really cute. its made of the same crepe-like material as the dot printed cycling dress, which means, its not see-through in the least. the sleeves were a bit tight for my arms, and i'd heard another girl complain of the same thing in-store, but at least they unbutton so you can let some air in. the overall quality is nice though, and i feel like its more worth the cost than the two sheer ones ended up being.

the lazy (wo)man tuck in lol

long sleeve sheer blouse in blush dots
$34.99, size XS

what am i looking at? i have no idea

i really wanted to keep this top! it fits the same as the sheer white blouse with the black tie. its also just as sheer even though its blush in color (meaning, yes i had to re-do the photo so as not to blind the world). so many people complained about how the blouse ripped in 5 minutes (and if you've ever experienced chiffon tearing, its a pain to repair), that i couldn't justify keeping it. not for thirty five bucks. and seeing as how i probably won't find this blouse on clearance for $8, i'll just have to take my chances and hope i find it on clearance again later.

flared dress in white / cream
$59.99, size 2

um hi, can i get married in this? would that be appropriate? hands down, love this over the black. and if i had to choose (which is looking rather likely) i would choose to keep the white over the black. fits the same as the black flared and navy poplin dress. just a bit loose in the waist for me but other wise rather perfect. my friend had tried on the black flared in a 4 and the white (or is it cream?) flared in a 2 and found that they fit exactly the same. not sure if she had a defective black one or not, but something to consider if you're trying to hunt down a size in this. also, see the awesome pockets? yeah LOVE.

and.. if any one was wondering, here's what it looks like with the navy trench on top :P

navy trench

this trench makes me smile. it really does. personally i prefer the navy over the black, but both look just as adorable. i decided to do a rolled up sleeve version and to point out the pockets since it pretty much looks/fits the same as the black one, and you guys don't need to see the same thing twice!

aiite, thats it! a lot shorter than part 01 but hope you guys still enjoyed!! sorry for all the lack of smiling photos. trying to beat out the rain means a lot of earlier morning shots means i hadn't had coffee yet and my eyes are probably puffy as hell >.<


Friday, February 17, 2012

like glitter's raining on me

i had a cute little post planned out to go with all of this, but at the moment i seemed to be plagued with a rather bad migraine. you know, the kind that makes you want to puke and hide in a black hole where no light can get in? yeah that kind of migraine.


i started off the post with a picture of the shoes and not the outfit, because really the entire outfit was an excuse to wear my new seychelles. not sure if you recall this post back in october when i was completely obsessed, but i finally got them! and on sale with an additional 50% off - thank you DSW! granted they're about half a size too big, but i don't care. they're super comfortable to wear and ridiculous adorable.

i'm also starting to realize that i shop an absurd amount at pacsun. i mean, i kind of knew it already given the manager recognizes me and we have discussions every time i walk in, but the last like.. 5 outfit posts, minus the jason wu one, have all included items from there.


oh wells, they do have ridiculously cute clothing and i always get it at some amazing price.

just pretend like you don't see that half inch gap behind my heel. the shoes fit. i swear.

what do you guys think of my make up? i keep trying out different things to see what shows up best on camera. i've learned really quickly that, while my make up looks fantastic in the mirror i seem to loose about 50% of it on camera - to the point where sometimes it looks like i'm not wearing any at all!

c'est la vie

hope you all have a great 3 day weekend!!

photos taken by me
pacsun hi-low sweater, h&m dress, asos polka dot socks, seychelles ampersand heels, random necklace from nordstrom
domino - jessie j

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

jason wu for target review - part 01

i was originally going to do everything in one blog post, but i realized with the amount of stuff i had to review, it would just be too much of a photobomb. plus my shipments arrived a few days apart, and i won't be able to take pictures of the second set until this weekend (assuming it doesn't rain, i really, really hope it doesn't rain).

i was really impressed this this collection. i felt like everything was cut well and all very flattering to my figure and height. i'm technically considered petite (5'2.5"), but still a couple of inches taller than jean from extrapetite, so these items fit me a lot better (i also think i'm a bit meater than she is :( ).

gawd, if i didn't love jason wu before, i think i'd marry him now. for a mid-level line, i don't think you could ask for much better. in terms of the cuts that is. some of the cloths were a bit on the thin side, and i did notice some fraying here and there. compared to the quality of the missoni for target items, i did feel like this fell short. however, compared to missoni the overall line was more wearable and still had that wow-factor without the crazy zig zag lines everywhere.

also, i wish the line had gone down as far as a size 0 in the numbers. some of the 2's, while they fit well, probably would've fit better if i'd been able to get them in a 0.

if you want to see my measures to compare to how things might fit you, please check out my profile. can refer to how the clothing looks on the model here.

in this post, i'll be reviewing:

pleated skirt in navy floral
sleeveless top with sheer panel in navy floral
sleeveless pleated shift dress in blush stripes
sleeveless chiffon dress in navy floral
dot-print shirt dress in cream
short sleeve printed cycle dress with pearls in cream
flared dress in black
trench in black
poplin dress in navy
white cat printed scarf

phew. thats a lot huh? lol. better get started!

pleated skirt in navy floral
$29.99, size 2

i cannot make up my mind about the skirt. i mean, on the one hand, i love it. its so feminine and the print is adorable. but on the other hand, its also an accordion skirt, and those kind of skirts are not the most flattering on me. i tend to lose my waist and add to my hips in them, and this doesn't seem to be an exception. if i throw a cardigan or a blazer on top, then it looks fantastic. kind of cuts the versatility of the skirt in half for me. i'm pretty sure i'm going to keep it though. i'm really too much of a sucker for a good floral print.

it also helps that when i wore this out, i caught three girls checking out the skirt as i walked by a window. its such a pretty swishy skirt.

sleeveless top with sheer panel in navy floral
$26.99, size XS

LOVE this. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. hell, bf loves this and he hates floral prints (why he's still dating me, i have no idea). its seriously the most perfect top. left on its own, its just a little bit boxy and i think if you pair it with a boxy mini skirt and you'll have a two dimensional shift dress!

you can also belt it off (return of the yellow belt from the chiffon dress) and turn it into a peplum top. seriously. perfection~!

look #09: sleeveless top with sheer panel and pleated skirt in navy floral

very few people are going to be able to pull this look off and i'm not one of them. while this seems to photograph well, in real life, i felt like i was drowning in the ensemble. it was just too big of an all over floral print for my frame. i guess we all can't be tall and skinny like models, huh?

sleeveless pleated shift dress in blush stripes
$39.99, size XS

my second (maybe third) favorite dress out of his line. the pleats and the stripes really make it stand out. if someone didn't know about the jason wu line, they will probably ask you where you got it. the tie falls right at my waist, so i don't have to worry about moving that around, however, personally, i've never been a big fan of ties, and will probably sub it out with a skinny black belt. i don't think it really matters either way. the overall look of the dress is still amazing. this is definitely a keeper! its a little bit on the see through side, but not enough that you'll need a slip or anything.

*edit* this dress is all sorts of scandelous (which honestly makes me like it more lol). it does not button all the way to the the hem - didn't notice this before until i wore it today. the last button ends a good 5-6inches from the hem, so when you walk its kind of like having a front slit. also, you'll need to be carefully when you sit down, as the bottom opens up rather high. think mini skirt high. something to keep in mind if you're more of the conservative type, you'll probably need to wear this with tights.

sleeveless chiffon dress in navy floral
$39.99, size XS

from what i've heard, this dress was dubbed the "ugly one". lol, i don't necessarily agree, however, its really not for me. i think because of the neckline, its probably suited for someone older and more conservative tastes who still wants to look elegant (like the first lady!). without the belt, the dress seriously falls into that muu muu style and should never, ever be worn like that! please! but there is just enough loose fabric there, and nipping in just the right places that when belted, you have a very slimming dress.

p.s. the belts that came with this collection are worth their weight in gold. they're the perfect length to mix 'n' match with almost everything in the line.

dot-print shirt dress in cream
$39.99, size XS

dianna agron wore this!! >.< it means its cool right? no, just kidding. its actually pretty cool on its own (not that it doesn't look great on her, of course). when i was shopping in-store, i almost didn't pick this one up. i didn't even care to order it online (or.. thats what i thought, surprise to me, i did. which means this whole blacking out when i shop thing may have some truth to it). it didn't really impress me at first glance, but i figured, i'd waited in line, i might as well try it on and see. yeah, damn glad i did. love it. amazing, can i marry it? really cute, sporty fit. love the pattern, oh and the lattice detailing across the back and front shoulders? omg. sealed. the. deal. throw a belt on it (nude from the flared dress in black) and hello, we're in business. buy it (if you can find it). p.s. its not see-through in the least, which is always the number one worry with a white dress no? i think the crepe-y material (gosh i'm so technical) is thick enough to cover up whatever goodies you might be wearing underneath.

flared dress in black
$44.99, size 2

i hate this. >.< there's no other word to describe this, other than i hate it. the collar, the shoulders, its all wrong for me. but keep in mind i have man shoulders and the sleeves here just accentuate it. i've seen it on some other girls, and it looks adorable. material wise, its not bad. and i like the natural cinch in the waist without needing a belt (other than to break up the pattern). personally, i could've done without the pearls. especially since its going to make it an even bigger pain to wash. i don't know, i feel like it kind of cheapened the look of the dress? and it limits you to just that pearl necklace (sewn on). you can't mix 'n' match it with other accessories, and for $45 bucks, i don't feel like its worth it. i'm not even sure why i purchased this dress to begin with other than the fact that it was 10 PM on saturday night, and i was freaking out about not getting a single jason wu item because i was stuck at a dinner party. so really, i was not in my right of mind.

flared dress in black
$59.99, size 2

this is the dress i wish i could've worn to my high school prom. and its that train of thought that makes me think, maybe i shouldn't keep it. but its just so. darn. pretty. g'dammit (yes, its that pretty, i needed to swear). i'm having a hard time giving it up, in fact i'm pretty sure i'm not going to give it up. except that the white version is coming in the mail soon, and i may love it more than i do the black.

oh what to do, what to do. the quality on this is superb. its a very thick material, actually feels kind of warm. the tulle with the scalloped sequined (yes i said scalloped-omg) trim is just... sigh. i feel like a pretty, pretty princess. jason wu really did an amazing job with this dress, and out of the entire collection is probably the only piece worth more than what you paid for. the 2 did seem to run a bit. i couldn't cinch it in too much, either, because the fabric would wrinkle and crease, and that defeats the clean look of this dress. if it had come in a size 0, it would have fit perfectly.

oh. and did i mention this dress has pockets? well hidden, fantastic pockets.

trench in black
$54.99, size XS

i'm keeping this. in black and blue. :X shh. don't tell bf. if you own it already, did you notice the buttons just say "JASON WU" on them? and if you don't own it, omg the buttons say "JASON WU" on them!!!! oh the little details. like the lace trim, inside and outside? no loose threads here. the soft, yet water resistant feel of the trench? how it manages to fit my man shoulders comfortably? it does seem to run a bit big, and if you're a smaller person, there's a high chance of getting lost in it. but thats what the belt is for! cinch! and you're done. instant skinny waist line. worth every damn penny.

look #03: trench and flared dress in black

if you're short like me, please make sure to wear the trench open, and with heels. or else you look a bit like a mushroom. it may just be a bit too much volume for my small frame, but i still like the idea of it. that pesky height is always getting in my way.

poplin dress in navy
$39.99, Size 2

i already showed you this dress last week, but i wanted to show it without a belt on. this is my favorite dress (so far) out of the collection. i love poplin. i love the crisp clean look it adds to a garment. this dress fits almost exactly like the flared one did. which also means its bit loose in the waist, but its not enough to bother me. and! it also has hidden pockets. win! (on the downside, however, it does appear that the material is a bit of a lint magnet).

white cat printed scarf

THE CAT SCARF THAT NO ONE CAN STOP TALKING ABOUT. so believe it or not, i had no interest in this scarf at first. well, no. thats a lie. i liked it, and i would've bought it. but on my list of priorities, it wasn't the highest. the fact that i found it days after the line launched was a combination of sheer lucky, flirting, and my amazing shopping skills. and i'm really glad i did. its a great little scarf. i do wish it was silk like the missoni ones were, but for $19.99, i suppose i can live. with a bit of working, you can wear this scarf in a couple different ways - with the cat print showing, or completely disappeared. which is nice when you don't always feel like rocking a cat around your neck. i do love the pop of red that comes out at seemingly random moments. it was definitely worth the buy (and trouble).

aiite! thats it for this post. the second review will have the short sleeve tee with tie in cream, pleated skirt in black, long sleeve sheer blouse in white w/ black ribbon tie, blouse with tie in blush dots, long-sleeve sheer blouse in blush dots, flared dress in white, and the trench in navy. i also might review the floral classic flap handbag and scarf, so stay tuned!


PHOTO BOMBED. (don't ask what's in that bag, you don't want to know.)