Saturday, January 21, 2012


i think one of the most consistant beliefs across any country, religion, culture, etc, is the idea that with the new year comes new chances. reset, start over. on thai new years (which doesn't actually happen until april btw) we throw/splash/supersoaker water on each other as an act of cleansing. wash away the sins of last year and begin a new. we make resolutions to better ourselves. this year, i will do this. and this year, i will accomplish that. which is probably why, from january until about early march, i hate the gym.

i'm really not kidding. i hate it right now. its rather hellish with how crowded it is. i run outside even though its seriously freezing to avoid some of the resolutioners. i can't do anything about the climbing gym except keep my tongue in check and whoo-sa my way through yoga classes. its really been a challenge in itself to find the motivation to even go lately. i'm kind of convinced that the resolutioners have stolen all of my motivation and used it for their own.

i just want to be squishy little panda.

actually i don't. i wish the squish would go away and find a new home in someone else. too much holiday fun and travel, i just want to get my mojo back. btw, i don't really hate resolutioners. i think that its great for any one to want to be healthier and fit, and i really hope that most if you just started out you make that jump from resolutioner to regular. i'm just angry because it gives me another (lame) excuse to skip out.

i don't know what happened. this holiday was probably the worst i've ever been, i'm normally pretty good about keeping up my gym schedule and semi-maintaining healthy eating habits. but this year, i just ate all things and decided that three weeks on the couch was a great idea! oops.

if you are a resolutioner, or if you're a regular like me who got seriously squishy over the holidays and currently hates yourself, just somethings to remember.
  • bad work outs are a dime a dozen. they happen even to the best, but don't let them demotivate you. i had a fairly bad run today, could barely get 2 miles out because my legs were so tired. but i am not going to let that set the tone for my next run. its done, its past, and the next one will be better.
  • stop making excuses. too many one offs because an entire weeks worth of cheating. just put the cupcake down! (even tho they're seriously fantastic)
  • if you're new to working out, take some time to learn proper techniques and different etiquettes of your activities. i.e. if you've set the treadmill at such a fast pace that you can't keep on it without holding on to the handle bars, you are going too fast and need to slow down. or at a climbing gym, even if you fall on the first move its considered polite not to keep retrying again and again while other people wait for you to get out of the way.
  • don't let mean people like me discourage you. i'm sorry for all the dirty looks i've given to people in the past 3 weeks >.<

and while i'm on the subject of apologizing, this outfit is also another, seriously delayed dressember post. i think this was day 19 or 20? not entirely sure anymore.. /sheepish grin. this is one of my favorite outfits, however. i get made fun of every time i wear it because it resembles a school girl uniform, but how many school girls do you know that get to rock Alex+Chole x F21 earrings? (which are also now my new favorite pair)

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photos taken by me
express dress, h&m vest, random knee highs, steve madden saassi heels, alex+chole x f21 earrings



  1. Cute shoes! I like the added knee highs! :]


  2. lovely outfit and I love your photos!
    fashionhypnotised girl

  3. Several years ago, I actually made a New Year's resolution to never again make New Year's resolutions. And I stuck with that. :) I figure that I make enough resolutions throughout the rest of the year, I don't need some arbitrarily set time to load myself up with more shoulds!

    Anyway, love this outfit - especially the vest and the earrings!


    1. i totally agree with that! i stopped making resolutions a long long time ago. i figure if you really want to change something in your life there's no time like the present :) you don't need a timeline, just the fact that you want to do it, do it!

  4. I have been exactly the same lately but I have made it to the gym in my regular slot since the start of January. However, because of the cold, I have not been running as much as she should be but I will start in March (probably!) x

  5. Great outfit! Whenever I wear knee highs I also feel like a "school girl", but you look great!

    xx Adrian