Monday, January 9, 2012

liebster award

2012 has really come off to a great start.

really. aside from the mass amount of squishiness i gained from over-holiday eating, i started off 2012 celebrating in one of my favorite (and happiest) places with my love, friends, and family! i also finally got converted at my company, and now am a full-time employee with real benefits and everything. the blog has been doing great! i've almost reached a 100 fans on LB now, and i'm gaining more wonderful followers every day <3 i really couldn't have asked for much more. and then.. this happened..

what's that you? its an award silly!

an award!? REALLY? yes really :) the liebster blog award was given to me by the wonderful jillian from boyishchic.

you can google until the end of days, and won't be able to find the origins of this award. believe me, i've tried. the google trail ends somewhere in 2007, but supposedly the award started out in germany. the word "liebster" is a german (which makes sense since it started in germany :P) and the literal translation of it means "dearest". its often used as an informal way to address some one in letters (most likely, love letters) - "mein liebster" (my love). wow look at this, this blog post is super educational as well!

this is such a cute little award. its meant for up&coming blogs who have less than 200 followers. just to recognize the hard work thats been done and that its appreciated and loved out there! thank you so much jillian!! this really made my day.

to keep the award going, i'm now asked to pick four blogs that i feel like deserve some recognition (and of course link back to the blog that sent me the award in the first place). kind of like the follow friday trend on twitter. so here goes...

my feelings taste like cupcakes

okay, yes, this is my friend anna's blog, but she makes... UH-mazing cupcakes. really. and she always presents them in these super adorable ways, so she really deserves a mention. she also makes cookies (the chocolate chip are my favorite), and hopefully will be branching out to madelines soon (ho hum). check out her blog, i guarantee you'll walk away feeling hungry and wanting a cupcake.


urbaners is a photography site was started by my friend bryant and his friend alex. >.< it looks a lil biased because the last shoot i had with him is the most recent post, but i swear he has a bunch of other beautiful photos on here. bryant does amazing things with lighting. i just can't wrap my brain around it but he's really got a great grasp on it. if you ever get a chance to work with him, i highly recommend it! he just makes any one look amazing.
love for lacquer

this girl is a nail-a-holic if i ever met one. i really cannot imagine what her storage must look like because she has tons and tons of nail polish. great place to go if you're looking for a review and swatches. she also does tons and tons of give aways, so make sure you follow her closely!
.kendall camat.

i stumbled upon kendall's blog not long ago. she's got a great funky style that i love. very rock 'n' roll. not entirely sure if she qualifies as being under 200 since i can't see the amount of followers that she has, but i love her site and think you should check it out as well!


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