Thursday, January 19, 2012

lei out 2012

whats going on here? its an ultimate frisbee tournament. what the hell is ultimate frisbee?

you'd think that since lei out is an annual tournament the residents of santa monica would be use to this by now? and oh, maybe actually know what ultimate frisbee is?

to be fair, i didn't know what it really was until i started dating the bf. best way i can think to describe it is if football and frisbee went out on a date and had a baby, you'd get ultimate frisbee. yeah, i know baby after one date? frisbee is a lil slutty like that ;)

the tournament was a lot of fun (to watch, i don't play, i'm too uncoordinated to play, or throw, or catch, or walk). i wish the weather had been better, but there were warm patches, enough for me to stubbornly wear shorts most of the weekend. who the hell wears shorts in january? this girl. its the beach! the southern california girl in me doesn't know how to wear anything else but shorts, skirts, and dresses to the beach.

oh and apparently leg warmers. it got cold. i had to improvise ok?

did i mention that the lower bracket is called the beer bracket? and thats mainly because the teams in that bracket spend more time drinking than they do actually playing. which led to lots and lots of coffee throughout the day (i *heart* coffee bean)

M.o.M (Massive Octopus Meltdown) what the acronym stands for changes every year. don't ask what next years acronym is going to be... just know i probably won't be taking a picture of the logo

my favorite bandaid ever, courtesy of solestruck. kind of tempted to buy several pair of shoes from them just so i can get more bandaids!

this is what a layout looks like. kinda looks like it hurts (and why i would probably end up seriously damaging my face if i ever tried this sport)

who wears leg warmers to the beach? this girl


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  1. looks like so much fun! I'm dying to go to the beach :)