Tuesday, January 10, 2012

january art: promises are meant to be kept

when i first started this blog, the original intent was to share my artwork - the things i created with a pencil and paper, or needle and thread. but between work, my workout schedule (which admittedly is a bit extreme), and my personal life, i realized that i couldn't generate enough content to make a successful blog, which is why i decided to turn to this more into a style blog (that, and to stop talking about clothing/fashion 24/7 to my friends before they all defriended me). it's still about sharing the things i created, just with a different kind of media. unfortunately, the more and more i blog about my personal style, the less i focus on my art, and i really want to get back to it. its become sort of a catch 22, the more i do with my blog the more i want to do on a creative level, but the less time/energy i have for it!

so this is my promise. i promise to post at least one sketch, painting, craft, diy (etc, etc) a month. i originally thought maybe i should do this at least once a week, but given that i'm known to go months at a time without posting a sketch (or post something lame like coffee art), lets just start with once a month and if i can get more done, will thats just icing on the cake! (speaking of, i'm seriously dying for a s'more cupcake lately).

sides.. 90% of my sketches are about clothes any ways :P like this one! look at this chica sporting the famous blogger bun and some awesome alex + chole x forever 21 earrings. she's pretty darn hot, dontcha think?

the blogger bun - graphite & pen


  1. Great artwork, you're very talented. I know exactly what you mean about balancing different interests, but don't worry you'll find your blogging balance soon. I personally think you have a great blog (now following) and love the variety of your posts...especially your style posts - such gorgeous outfits! x

    1. aww thank you amy! i really hope to get back into sketching more, it really is my first love