Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i'm not beauty queen, i'm just beautiful me

there's an episode from how i met your mother (one of my favorite shows btw) that features a "murtaugh" list. its a reference to lethal weapon where the character, murtaugh, constantly says "i'm too old for this shit!" (but in true HIMYM fashion they say stuff lol)

i think i need a murtaugh list.

and i think know that sharing a small 2 bed hotel room with 8-10 people is on that list.

why am i sharing a room to 8-10 (drunk) people you ask? am i still in college and on some crazy road trip with my dormmates? oh! i know, i'm filming a low budget indie film and the entire crew is shacked up together to save on costs? or maybe.. just maybe...

i'm at an ultimate frisbee tournament and a team that stays together plays together!

yes. that's it.

except i don't actually play. bf does. and tagged along so that i could watch and relax and shop. obviously the relaxing part didn't happen. lol, but the watching and shopping did (oh boy, did the shopping happen). it was a lot of fun, despite my complaints of being sleep deprived (yet again) and almost stabbing someone on saturday night when a whole lot of them decided to return to the hotel room drunkenly loud.

yeah, i'm getting too old for this shit stuff.

i'll post some pics up when i get them processed/off the camera. on to the outfit!

so i'm a bit guilty of outfit posting delay. like.. on a severe level. this outfit was my original intent for bf's 1940's holiday party.

yeah, i know, that was like a decade ago (har har).

while i loved the ensemble (the colors, oh gawd the colors! *love*), it didn't quite work for the party, which is why i went with the other dress. its actually two pieces, and i won't lie, i really wanted to wear this purely for the back. its kinda fantastic.

plus the poofy skirt makes me look insanely thin. i promise you i'm not that thin. its the poofy skirt. must invest more into poofy skirts.

see? amazing back. the top, not mine.

hype this look here at lookbook.nu.

photos taken by me
motel via modcloth ochre doke top, modcloth bring a dress skirt, steve madden sarrina heels, tilly's necklace, new york & company, hot topic, and forever 21 rings
who says - selena gomez & the scene


  1. So cute! Love the skirt. I love how a poufy skirt emphasizes the natural waist--so feminine and flattering! Love all the color in this outfit, too.

    Hello, Framboise!

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the colours and the back of the top is absolutely stunning.

  3. Love that top; it is so interesting! That back detailing looks so great on you.

    1. its really amazing! motel rocks really makes some interesting stuff

  4. pretty! i love the skirt. and i'm so jealous it's so sunny and hto there you can wear skirts and top lol here's there's so much snow i don't even want to go out of the house :D

    1. haha i don't think i'd ever be able to survive in a snow area! pretty sure i'd give up and stay in bed all day long!

  5. LOLZ...I think I'll need more than a poofy skirt to look that thin! And you know, someday, you'll look back at the "small room with lots of people" experience and think what fun it was...maybe:)

    1. lol i think its going to take a good 5 years before that happens! but it was still really fun and i'd do it again! (just w/ my own hotel room :X)

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