Sunday, January 22, 2012

i won't let you give up on a miracle

its seriously bone cold lately. its getting increasing more difficult to not roll out of bed, throw on a thick hoodie, tnf jacket and my ugg boots - every day. i've been making extra effort to try and plan outfits before bed, because if i don't, that is what will pretty much happen. ugg boots, hoodie, northface jacket. everyday.

which is one of the reasons why i love these boots. over the knee, suede.. throw them over some knees and you're toasty warm for hours. the blazer from h&m is a knit, too, so it doubles as a jacket nicely.

also infinity scarves are freaking awesome. >.< i like to double mine as a hoodie when it gets really cold. lol, even though i'm sure it looks odd.

the great thing about reading so many fashion blogs is that it motivates me every day to keep going, and not fall into that comfort zone of hoodies and ugg boots. i think i need to start doing the same thing with my workouts. i subscribe to a few fitness magazines, but reading those before bed don't quite do it like a blog would. if you guys know of any great fitness blogs i'd love a recommendation! :) or else i'll be spending my time at work googling new fitness sites to follow! i mean, i'll be working super hard.

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photos by kloo
h&m blazer, cotton on scarf, true religion stella jeans, naughty monkey story teller boots
miracle - paramore


  1. I know what you mean. The night before I go to sleep I always figure out what to wear in the morning and even put it on the chair....buuuuut...when I wake up and see the blistering cold and snow out my window, I instantly put on my fattest , warm sweater ,no matter what !!!!! :D Only two months to go and it will be fucking Spring already !! :D

    1. gawd i hope so. for some unknown reason i keep buying shorts, but its been so cold that even the shorts w/ tights combo just isn't cutting it! i want to wear my shorts!!!

  2. love the outfit, especially the scarf and your piercings! I also got my helix pierced around 6 months ago, where do you buy the jewellery for it?
    come check out my blog and follow back if you like it :)

    1. thanks dear! i'm a huge fan of my piercings hahahaha .. i want to get another one still :X

      the ones i'm wearing, i think are from Claire's - they're standard earrings, just made with sterling silver. :( can't wear the really cute stuff since i'm allergic to nickel!