Thursday, January 26, 2012

colette is so much adorable than bridget

i'm so ridiculously full at this moment, its severely uncomfortable. i swear this happens everytime i have a team lunch and healthy wasn't really even an option (not that i wanted it to be). we went to the melt in palo alto and it was delicious. i would've taken pictures, but i didn't want my team members to think i'm any weirder than i already am.

oh! but i did manage to snap this.

that was my lunch. yep. you read that correctly. its a mac n cheese melt. pretty much nothing but carbs and some cheese on your plate with who knows how much butter.

it was all sorts of yum. the tomato basil soup was pretty good too, although i found it to be a bit on the tart side (which i like), so it might not fit everyone's taste.

we also ordered a s'more melt which was fantastic. i'm pretty sure i liked it more than the cheese melt. and it was a split order, so y'know, it wasn't THAT bad. except for the fact that we went to sprinkles cupcakes right after and i some how ended up taking home two cupcakes.

who am i? and when did i decide it was OK to eat all the carbs?

thank gawd for boxy sweaters like this one. hides all the winter squish. or should i call it cupcake squish at this point? i blame you anna, yes i'm talking to you and your damn yummy cupcakes. i use to hate these things! ugh.

if i ever have any hopes of getting back into my tight dresses i must start learning to say no!

and yes i wore these shoes to work. lol.

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also, please excuse the blog post title... lol i'm watching pan am as i write this (3 episodes behind) and am outraged at the moment at the recent plot development.

photos taken by kloo
roxy sweater, cotton on blouse, bullhead colored denim leggings, jeffrey campbell lana, forever 21 necklace


  1. I LOVE your shoes. They are so so so gorgeous :) xx

  2. Your look is perfect - your shoes are out of this world...

    And you have a new follower (GFC + Bloglovin), please follow back...

    Tanja - or via Facebook-Page

  3. i really like that last shoe picture shot! good job kloo lol.

    1. he's getting good at this huh? i may force him into a fashion photography career yet :P

  4. You have such a pretty blog dear, i'm so glad to find you :)

    i'm your new follower dear, can you follow me back? :)

  5. You look so lovely-- and you make me feel like a slacker! I won't even wear wedges on campus.. let alone heels anywhere. I need to get on it! :)

    1. >.< don't feel too bad... it doesn't happen that often. hahaha

  6. Your look is amazing, I love your shoes, visit my blog, kisses, RA

  7. You are perfection. You look pretty babe'n for someone who's just eaten lots of carbs haha.
    Can I plz steal your outfit?!?!?


  8. i´m in love with your sweater! specially for the colour..
    and i don´t know how do you do to keep on those heels all day!