Tuesday, January 3, 2012

cat and mouse - part 02

i discovered this (and when i say i, i mean bf) android app called paper camera and i'm kind of obsessed with it. i love how it gives everything this sort of artsy fartsy effect. if you hate it, i'm sorry. the blog my be plagued with it from time to time.

our weekend was pretty insane. we left a lot later than we should've and didn't get into LA until after midnight. but at least we got some great road trip food on the way. in-n-out.. you'll always have a special place in my heart <3

poor bf. woke him up bright and early so we could go run around a very, very over crowded theme park (and there was not an drop of alcohol in sight!). we didn't get to ride very many rides. most of the waits were over an hour and even though we got there mid-morning the fast passes were well past 6:30 PM already! it was still pretty awesome though. i loved all the holiday decorations, and even though we ended up waiting almost two hours in line of the haunted mansion, i think it was my favorite of all.

yes! thats right.. its nightmare before christmas themed out! inside was even more amazing - they completely re-did the ride.

and of course, everything looked even more gorgeous at night!

only 33 minutes left until midnight!

happy new year!!


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