Tuesday, January 31, 2012


when i was a freshman in high school, i got into a huge, huge fight with a close friend. she accused me of copying her clothing, her hair, her style. she started screaming at me in front of everyone. it was probably one of the most embarrassing moments in my life.

to be clear, i wasn't copying her clothing, or anything about her. my mom pretty much raised me in a t.j.maxx and that is where all of my clothing came from. my mom also bought and picked out all of my clothes at that time, and sometimes went as far as deciding what i would wear the next day. i didn't have much say in the matter. she was the one with the power--the money. not that i was going to admit that to the hordes of high schoolers staring at us. and yes, i was seriously an awkward teenager--really not popular. this screaming match, did not help.

the most frustrating thing, aside from the loss of friendship, was that i didn't understand why she cared so much. short of having your clothing all custom-made, i think its fairly impossible to expect someone not to own the same stuff as you. OMG, you have a Calvin Klein logo shirt! i have one too! you copying bitch.

you think i'm joking, but i'm not. this is really what started the fight. (self-analyzation here makes me wonder if this is why i hate logo brand t-shirts).

i understand the need to be an individual. everyone wants to stand out and be unique in his or her own way. clothing is a great tool to communicate that with, but just because someone owns the same dress or skirt as you, doesn't make you or your style any less special.

everyone wears things differently and i think a great example of this is the latest zara craze.

you know what i'm talking about. don't pretend like you don't.

yep. those.

the zara navajo print pants have been popping up on blogs left and right. they're actually on sale right now, if you're interested, for a ridiculously cheap price (although they're currently sold out online).

last week fashion infusion did a mini collage of seven different bloggers, herself included, all wearing these pants. and trust me when i say there are more than just 7 bloggers out there wearing them. although this isn't the first time this has happened, and it definitely won't be the last, i thought it would be a good time to talk about a fairly common issue around personal style and fashion, and how difficult it is to really stand out sometimes. i bet someone came across these pants, thought, "oh gawd these are fantastic! they're so unique!" and then later discovered about half the world seemed to own them.

what do you do when that happens? do you stop wearing them? burn them? or wear them proudly because, in the end, you still love them?

i really hope its the latter.

i think the most important thing to remember is that you bought the item because you love it. not because someone told you, you love it or that you should wear it (unless you're one of my guy friends, in which when they go shopping with me i have final say :X). if you really love a pair of pants, then wear them. these bloggers did. and they don't look like clones of each other do they? each outfit has its own unique look because of the bloggers' different body type and style. in the end your style is really defined by your personality, not necessarily by your clothes (gosh that seems like blasphemy to say on a fashion blog).

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p.s. this is may or may not be another dressember leftover outfit :X <3

photos taken by me
volcom lottie dot dress, forever 21 belt, cotton on socks, dockers jensa boat shoes


Thursday, January 26, 2012

colette is so much adorable than bridget

i'm so ridiculously full at this moment, its severely uncomfortable. i swear this happens everytime i have a team lunch and healthy wasn't really even an option (not that i wanted it to be). we went to the melt in palo alto and it was delicious. i would've taken pictures, but i didn't want my team members to think i'm any weirder than i already am.

oh! but i did manage to snap this.

that was my lunch. yep. you read that correctly. its a mac n cheese melt. pretty much nothing but carbs and some cheese on your plate with who knows how much butter.

it was all sorts of yum. the tomato basil soup was pretty good too, although i found it to be a bit on the tart side (which i like), so it might not fit everyone's taste.

we also ordered a s'more melt which was fantastic. i'm pretty sure i liked it more than the cheese melt. and it was a split order, so y'know, it wasn't THAT bad. except for the fact that we went to sprinkles cupcakes right after and i some how ended up taking home two cupcakes.

who am i? and when did i decide it was OK to eat all the carbs?

thank gawd for boxy sweaters like this one. hides all the winter squish. or should i call it cupcake squish at this point? i blame you anna, yes i'm talking to you and your damn yummy cupcakes. i use to hate these things! ugh.

if i ever have any hopes of getting back into my tight dresses i must start learning to say no!

and yes i wore these shoes to work. lol.

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also, please excuse the blog post title... lol i'm watching pan am as i write this (3 episodes behind) and am outraged at the moment at the recent plot development.

photos taken by kloo
roxy sweater, cotton on blouse, bullhead colored denim leggings, jeffrey campbell lana, forever 21 necklace

ifb roundup

Making a Connection

Edited by: Fajr Muhammad of Stylish Thought

Can you believe that it’s almost February. Fashion week is right around the corner and that means that the IFB Conference is right upon us. The IFB  Conference has opened so many doors and channels for fashion bloggers to connect and expand their *ahem* influence. Fashion week is another great avenue to network and work with brands, the media and other bloggers. In our fast-paced digital (and fashion) worlds, connection is key.
Check out this week’s Link a la Mode and connect with our 20 selected bloggers. Read their post, comment and build relationships that will last past fashion week and beyond.


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

i won't let you give up on a miracle

its seriously bone cold lately. its getting increasing more difficult to not roll out of bed, throw on a thick hoodie, tnf jacket and my ugg boots - every day. i've been making extra effort to try and plan outfits before bed, because if i don't, that is what will pretty much happen. ugg boots, hoodie, northface jacket. everyday.

which is one of the reasons why i love these boots. over the knee, suede.. throw them over some knees and you're toasty warm for hours. the blazer from h&m is a knit, too, so it doubles as a jacket nicely.

also infinity scarves are freaking awesome. >.< i like to double mine as a hoodie when it gets really cold. lol, even though i'm sure it looks odd.

the great thing about reading so many fashion blogs is that it motivates me every day to keep going, and not fall into that comfort zone of hoodies and ugg boots. i think i need to start doing the same thing with my workouts. i subscribe to a few fitness magazines, but reading those before bed don't quite do it like a blog would. if you guys know of any great fitness blogs i'd love a recommendation! :) or else i'll be spending my time at work googling new fitness sites to follow! i mean, i'll be working super hard.

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photos by kloo
h&m blazer, cotton on scarf, true religion stella jeans, naughty monkey story teller boots
miracle - paramore

Saturday, January 21, 2012


i think one of the most consistant beliefs across any country, religion, culture, etc, is the idea that with the new year comes new chances. reset, start over. on thai new years (which doesn't actually happen until april btw) we throw/splash/supersoaker water on each other as an act of cleansing. wash away the sins of last year and begin a new. we make resolutions to better ourselves. this year, i will do this. and this year, i will accomplish that. which is probably why, from january until about early march, i hate the gym.

i'm really not kidding. i hate it right now. its rather hellish with how crowded it is. i run outside even though its seriously freezing to avoid some of the resolutioners. i can't do anything about the climbing gym except keep my tongue in check and whoo-sa my way through yoga classes. its really been a challenge in itself to find the motivation to even go lately. i'm kind of convinced that the resolutioners have stolen all of my motivation and used it for their own.

i just want to be squishy little panda.

actually i don't. i wish the squish would go away and find a new home in someone else. too much holiday fun and travel, i just want to get my mojo back. btw, i don't really hate resolutioners. i think that its great for any one to want to be healthier and fit, and i really hope that most if you just started out you make that jump from resolutioner to regular. i'm just angry because it gives me another (lame) excuse to skip out.

i don't know what happened. this holiday was probably the worst i've ever been, i'm normally pretty good about keeping up my gym schedule and semi-maintaining healthy eating habits. but this year, i just ate all things and decided that three weeks on the couch was a great idea! oops.

if you are a resolutioner, or if you're a regular like me who got seriously squishy over the holidays and currently hates yourself, just somethings to remember.
  • bad work outs are a dime a dozen. they happen even to the best, but don't let them demotivate you. i had a fairly bad run today, could barely get 2 miles out because my legs were so tired. but i am not going to let that set the tone for my next run. its done, its past, and the next one will be better.
  • stop making excuses. too many one offs because an entire weeks worth of cheating. just put the cupcake down! (even tho they're seriously fantastic)
  • if you're new to working out, take some time to learn proper techniques and different etiquettes of your activities. i.e. if you've set the treadmill at such a fast pace that you can't keep on it without holding on to the handle bars, you are going too fast and need to slow down. or at a climbing gym, even if you fall on the first move its considered polite not to keep retrying again and again while other people wait for you to get out of the way.
  • don't let mean people like me discourage you. i'm sorry for all the dirty looks i've given to people in the past 3 weeks >.<

and while i'm on the subject of apologizing, this outfit is also another, seriously delayed dressember post. i think this was day 19 or 20? not entirely sure anymore.. /sheepish grin. this is one of my favorite outfits, however. i get made fun of every time i wear it because it resembles a school girl uniform, but how many school girls do you know that get to rock Alex+Chole x F21 earrings? (which are also now my new favorite pair)

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photos taken by me
express dress, h&m vest, random knee highs, steve madden saassi heels, alex+chole x f21 earrings


Thursday, January 19, 2012

lei out 2012

whats going on here? its an ultimate frisbee tournament. what the hell is ultimate frisbee?

you'd think that since lei out is an annual tournament the residents of santa monica would be use to this by now? and oh, maybe actually know what ultimate frisbee is?

to be fair, i didn't know what it really was until i started dating the bf. best way i can think to describe it is if football and frisbee went out on a date and had a baby, you'd get ultimate frisbee. yeah, i know baby after one date? frisbee is a lil slutty like that ;)

the tournament was a lot of fun (to watch, i don't play, i'm too uncoordinated to play, or throw, or catch, or walk). i wish the weather had been better, but there were warm patches, enough for me to stubbornly wear shorts most of the weekend. who the hell wears shorts in january? this girl. its the beach! the southern california girl in me doesn't know how to wear anything else but shorts, skirts, and dresses to the beach.

oh and apparently leg warmers. it got cold. i had to improvise ok?

did i mention that the lower bracket is called the beer bracket? and thats mainly because the teams in that bracket spend more time drinking than they do actually playing. which led to lots and lots of coffee throughout the day (i *heart* coffee bean)

M.o.M (Massive Octopus Meltdown) what the acronym stands for changes every year. don't ask what next years acronym is going to be... just know i probably won't be taking a picture of the logo

my favorite bandaid ever, courtesy of solestruck. kind of tempted to buy several pair of shoes from them just so i can get more bandaids!

this is what a layout looks like. kinda looks like it hurts (and why i would probably end up seriously damaging my face if i ever tried this sport)

who wears leg warmers to the beach? this girl


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i'm not beauty queen, i'm just beautiful me

there's an episode from how i met your mother (one of my favorite shows btw) that features a "murtaugh" list. its a reference to lethal weapon where the character, murtaugh, constantly says "i'm too old for this shit!" (but in true HIMYM fashion they say stuff lol)

i think i need a murtaugh list.

and i think know that sharing a small 2 bed hotel room with 8-10 people is on that list.

why am i sharing a room to 8-10 (drunk) people you ask? am i still in college and on some crazy road trip with my dormmates? oh! i know, i'm filming a low budget indie film and the entire crew is shacked up together to save on costs? or maybe.. just maybe...

i'm at an ultimate frisbee tournament and a team that stays together plays together!

yes. that's it.

except i don't actually play. bf does. and tagged along so that i could watch and relax and shop. obviously the relaxing part didn't happen. lol, but the watching and shopping did (oh boy, did the shopping happen). it was a lot of fun, despite my complaints of being sleep deprived (yet again) and almost stabbing someone on saturday night when a whole lot of them decided to return to the hotel room drunkenly loud.

yeah, i'm getting too old for this shit stuff.

i'll post some pics up when i get them processed/off the camera. on to the outfit!

so i'm a bit guilty of outfit posting delay. like.. on a severe level. this outfit was my original intent for bf's 1940's holiday party.

yeah, i know, that was like a decade ago (har har).

while i loved the ensemble (the colors, oh gawd the colors! *love*), it didn't quite work for the party, which is why i went with the other dress. its actually two pieces, and i won't lie, i really wanted to wear this purely for the back. its kinda fantastic.

plus the poofy skirt makes me look insanely thin. i promise you i'm not that thin. its the poofy skirt. must invest more into poofy skirts.

see? amazing back. the top, not mine.

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photos taken by me
motel via modcloth ochre doke top, modcloth bring a dress skirt, steve madden sarrina heels, tilly's necklace, new york & company, hot topic, and forever 21 rings
who says - selena gomez & the scene

Friday, January 13, 2012

1940's inspired leopard nails

i'm too sleepy to think of a cute title for this post. >.< this is the nail polish design i created and wore back in december for bf's 1940's holiday party. apparently in the 1940's it was really popular to have a polished nail with a left out white half-moon at the base and a white sliver at tip. i did my best to re-create that style, but of course i wanted to put my own spin on it.

it was also really common to coordinate your polish to match the colors of your outfit. i painted my nails when i originally thought i would still be wearing my leopard print fascinator. oops. it ended up being a happy oops though. i really love the end result (minus a few sloppy areas >.<). i don't think i've ever received so many results on my nails before either! and it was kinda a proud moment, too, to say that i created and painted these on my own, and no this isn't a nail wrap design.

please excuse the ugly climber hands the polish is on. climbing really, really screws up my skin :( just look at the pretty design and ignore the skin around it. lol.

on another note, some more exciting news

  1. blogger now has threading for comments! what does this mean? this means i can finally reply directly to all your wonderful comments!! i'm so excited.. i felt like this was one thing really missing from the blogger interface and now it's here!
  2. i was the first runner up in YesStyle's Holiday Party a la YesStyle contest! i won a $200 giftcard to YesStyle and have pretty much spent an entire day looking for things to buy.
  3. i made the IFB weekly round up again! yay!!

Fresh New Start


Edited by: Collette Osuna of Statements in Fashion


Even though January is one brutal cold month in Michigan, it happens to be one of my favorites. It’s a brand New Year.....it’s the opportunity for each and every one of us to start with a fresh clean slate. What will you be taking on this year? A new hobby? Losing weight? Starting your own business? Bettering your blog? The ideas are only limited by your imagination, and I for one, cannot wait to begin this new adventure. This weeks links are chock full of awesome DIY ideas, product reviews, and ways to make yourself smile!

Have a fabulous month everyone!





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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jason Wu x Target - Take 02

oh hai there. how you doing?

you looking kinda gorgeous, can i take you home? put you on and have my way with you?

on second thought.. can i take all of you home?

photos from glamour.com

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i will never stop chosin' you

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safetysuit finally came out with a new album. <3 i'm so ridiculously happy! so far i love it. this song, never stop, is the first one that stood out to me. sappy love song i know, but its allowed! i wore this outfit shopping the other day. got stared at a bunch, mostly by old men who i'm pretty sure were trying to figure out if i'm a boy or a girl. on the flipside, i did get a lot of compliments, too. the boots were a hit, and how could they not be? they're kind of fantastic (and an addt'l 50% on clearance, thank you anna). and i finally got to fulfill my mission in life to wear a bowtie.

photos taken by me
cotton on shirt, claire's bowtie, blue anchor shorts, steve madden lorra boots
never stop - safety suit