Wednesday, November 30, 2011

you're out of this world. except you're not green

ok. ok. this is admittedly one the worst lyrics ever. it was written by my lover (sorry bf) justin timberlake and some how managed to stick in my mind thru the years - its that bad. but.. some what fitting for this post?

galaxy nails! (oh boy, horrible transition there, right along side with this lyric) i first saw them on the nailasaurus blog and immediately thought - omg, i have to do this. they're just so ridiculously cool. i just had to. the first attempt were a complete and utter fail. they were such a fail that i can't even (meaning i don't want to) show you how bad they were. what you see above is attempt number two, after watching this video by cutepolish. she kind of sounds like michelle phan don't you think? if you like polish designs both of those ladies are great to follow.

photos taken by kloo
nothin' else - justin timberlake

Sunday, November 27, 2011

i was june, and you were my johnny cash

note: when taking pictures, make sure the tripod/camera is actually level or you'll end up with a lot of slanted pictures.

i'm in so much pain today. i overkilled it with my workout routine, and now it hurts to move in all sorts of ways. someone remind me never to attempting running, abs&core class, climbing, AND cardio kickboxing all in one day again. on the plus side i feel rather skinny today, and even managed to squeeze into my unforgivingly tight, i think i bought you a size too small, AE super skinny.

btw.. have you seen the new katy perry music video for "the one that got away" yet? if not, you really need to. it'll make you slit your wrists in a depressing kind of a way, but its a great video and makes me love the song even more!

photos taken by me
h&M printed dress, american apparel otk socks, h&M blazer, dv by dolce vita pura boots
the one that got away - katy perry

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy gobble day!

or really it should be happy OM NOM NOM all things day! but not for me. apparently this year i am celebrating thanksgiving dinner around thanksgiving, but not on the actual day. which is fine with me, because yesterday i got my pen replacement yesterday! and gave me time to ink and color in a new drawing for a contest i want to enter... and also prep for black friday! /evil laugh. oh the carnage.

on another note, this is drawn from items all from modcloth, minus the shoes. those are from solestruck. and they are as cute in real life as they are in drawing.

happy thanksgiving everyone! hope you're all getting nice and plump and enjoying time with people you are thankful for.


Monday, November 21, 2011

all this money can't buy me a time machine

there's really something so pure about a black and white picture. if you recall the headshot photos i did a while back, this was the outfit that went with it. too bad the strap on this dress broke within an hour of me wearing it. and too bad i was out to lunch in a crowded dim sum restaurant when it happened. i'm surprised i didn't end up flashing everyone! (i'm pretty sure my friend was relieved that that didn't happen). sigh. sometimes the reality of h&m clothing rears its ugly head at you at the most inconvenient time.

i had the first set of a series of thanksgiving dinners on saturday. (there's about 3 more to come). and i feel so fat. hahaha, which i guess that means it was a success? we deep-fried a turducken (thats a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey) baked in 4 sticks of butter, and then deep-fried in 70lbs of peanut oil for about 10-15 minutes. add in all the generous sides that everyone brought, well no one was moving very well by the end of the night. i'm going to need to hit up the gym hard core to survive the rest of the week.

photos taken by me
h&m dress, ny&co necklace, candies pumps, pac sun tights
the one that got away - katy perry

Monday, November 14, 2011

yellow diamonds in the light

i'll admit. i wasn't completely interested in the missoni by target line when it first came out. i mean its still a target line and i didn't think it would be worth the price... but now everything is 30-50% off, so of course i started peeking my little nose around and scored a couple of items! i'm actually pretty impressed with the cardigan that i'm wearing in this look. the quality feels really nice and i think they did a really good job with the line. i'm dying to have the rainboots from the kids collection, but the best i can find is a size one, and while i can get my feet in them, i'm pretty sure i'll have a blister after 5 minutes :P

on a bad note... i woke up saturday morning and the monster (kaylee) had chewed up the pen that goes to my intuos3. i really hope i can find a replacement today. i'm not sure whether i want to bbq her or deep fry her with the turducken we're having this year. /glares. i suppose it could've been worse. if she'd chewed up the cord that connects to the computer then i'd be looking at replacing the entire thing all together.. although.. i really do want an intuos4 >.< update: i'm going to be at least a week without my tablet now :(

photos taken by me
missoni by target cardigan, h&m lace, franco sarto pumps
we found love - rihanna

Thursday, November 10, 2011

HK x F21 Teaser Part 2

so here we are. its about one week until the release of forever 21's hello kitty line, so naturally, both sanrio and forever 21 have released some additional teasers to add to the already full drool bucket. i've added my favorites (minus the ones i original posted). its almost torturous that these are just teasers and i know that there is so much more to come. there is already so much i want just from the limited visibility i have now, i'm not sure what release day is going to be like, except that i know i'm going to be very, very broke.

and on that note, i really hope that the head band she is wearing will be part of the accessory line because i want it. badly.

you can see the rest of the collection on the forever 21 and hello kitty facebook pages.

note the sheer black shirt w/ HK outline? UGH. i want that over the cardigan

photos from forever 21

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

...and i believe that its easier for you to let me go

bf hates this part of the song, but its actually one of my favorite lyrics. i love how it talks about the insecurities of being in a relationship and how vulnerable you are when you're with someone. especially when the person is so amazing, you don't know why they're even with you.

i'm saying goodbye to sunlight this week. its official. by the time i get home its now dark, and there won't be time for any afterwork shoots. i hate daylights savings. there is the option of getting my lazy butt to wake up early, but i have a hard enough time trying to get to work on time as is. :P i'm also.... getting lazy about my wardrobe. its really hard to want to put effort into an outfit when i'm two steps out of the bed. there is a very, very strong desire to spend the entire month of november and december in nothing but a hoodie and ugg boots. but at least then, anna will get her requested bunnie hug post.

p.s. if you get sick of these pura boots. i'm really sorry.. i can't stop wearing them.

photos taken by me and kloo
express stripped lace shirt and faux leather skirt, dv by dolce vita pura boots
arms - christina perri

Thursday, November 3, 2011

gather up your tears, keep them in your pocket

the lack of sun is so depressing. half the time i'm speeding home just to catch the last rays for some decent pictures. its a miracle i haven't gotten in an accident yet :P even then, i'm still having to up the ISO just to get the camera to focus. one of these days i should show you the amount of pictures i go through just to get a handful of decent ones!

i'll be in reno this weekend. whoo hoo for free hotels! i have no idea what we'll be doing - what do people do in reno that isn't gambling or snow boarding? oh i know! picture practice! >.< i'm going to be so annoying this weekend, my friends will LOVE me. but thats OK because i'm bribing (one of them, you guessed it anna) with cupcakes from frost cupcakes. their s'more cupcake is kind of to die for. this is on the condition it actually makes it all the way up to her and i don't eat it in the car first.

photos taken by me
express faux leather jacket, random dress, forever 21 belt, steven by steve madden geema boots
if i die young - the band perry

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

in the jungle, the mighty jungle...

oh hi. what's this?

vinylmation lion king edition?



i want it all. but timon and banzi will do for now. until.. christmas maybe? (*hint hint*)

photos taken by me