Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my wallet just died.

what's that you see? forever21 and hello kitty got together and created babies? yes. thats right' and some where, hidden beneath the bed, is my savings account, crying, because it knows death is imminent.

the entire collection debuts november 18th, and is suppose to be priced $30 and under. you can find out more here.

p.s. thanks anna for the link. my wallet hates you.

Monday, September 19, 2011

didn't have an umbrella, so now i'm soaked in stormy weather

berekely deux! these were all taken with a samsung p&s, because, well, i'm still iffy about taking my camera around this area. i'd asked bf to take me on a berkeley date a while ago, show me his college years and hang outs. it was kind of nice to just walk around the campus and see all the local placee. and of course, eat at top dog.

my favorite building was the theatre arts one (naturally). i just loved the architecture of it and vibe it gave off. my friend is convinced there is a ghost in one of the windows, but hey! ghosts need education too.

photos taken by me & kloo
h&m hat, express sweater, almost famous shorts, wet seal necklace, hot topic ring

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i had the time of my life fighting dragons with you

okay. FINALLY. got these finished last night. took forever considering there are only three pictures right? but what you don't know (well, i guess you now do) is that i stupidly took like 3 look shots in two days, all in RAW format, and was like skipping across the different batches. :P this look was my favorite of the three, so it made it out first.

strangely, i'm having issues with how picasa is uploading these though. i didn't have an issue with shots that were shot in just jpg, so i'm not sure what is going on. we'll see if have issues with the next batch.

p.s. is fall draining any one elses' wallet this year? :P

photos taken by me
abercrombie cropped shirt, h&m shorts & belt, xhiliration bag, soho lab wedges

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cookies rule everything around me

there's a place in berekely called C.R.E.A.M, which, you guessed it, stands for "Cookies Rule Everything Around Me". they have a wide variety of different kinds of ice cream and cookies to make into delicious ice cream sandwiches for you to devour. its a nice little concept, and the prices aren't too bad. ours were free, which is an even better price, thanks to Munch on Me.

so i've realized that even if you're in a public place, and it is perfectly legal to take pictures, people will still yell at you and call you mean things. or at least in the hippie town of berekely they will. i don't have a whole lot of shots from this outting simply because i lost the motivation to do much after getting yelled at twice. (one of which was by C.R.E.A.M) one lady continued to yell at me, and told me i had no class, even after i put the camera away and apologized to her! and i'm the one thats rude?

i actually went up to berkeley this past weekend as well, but left the D60 at home. i just didn't feel like dealing with all of it again. hopefully i'll get over this soon, and start shooting some more (in friendlier towns!)

photos taken by me

Monday, September 12, 2011

bring the desert rain clouds, fuck reality and doubt

just a sneak. had a girl's day in berekely a couple of weekends ago. this ended up being my favorite shot, and the lighting mood doesn't really go along with the rest, so i decided to make this its own post.

much love to anna for standing there for 15 minutes pretending to look at things because i couldn't figure out the right camera settings :P (and for letting me dress her that morning haha)

photos taken by me

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

lately i've been stuck imagining

this was my second attempt at marbling for my nails and i am so in love with the results. i'd had the idea to use clear polish as one of the rings, and i really wasn't sure how it was going to work out, but it came out exactly as i intended. how often does that happen!? and again, i'm sorry, you're stuck with a horrible quickly taken camera-phone picture as the end result. one of these days i'll remember. one of these days.

taken by kloo and me

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


i found this amazing dress a while back, that really could have no other purpose than to look pretty and take pictures in. oh i'm sure that it'll be good for some wedding i go to one day, but those aren't very frequent in my life, so the most sensible thing was to buy it anyways, and then bug my friend for a photo shoot.

we went trolling around downtown san jose at night, and some totally safe areas with bums and cockroaches, before we found the right kind of backgrounds he was looking for. apparently downtown san jose isn't full of little alleyways like we thought, although maybe that was for the best, haha. the wooden door of the church was absolute amazing, and so not splinter safe. and it was completely not sketch climbing on top of his shoulders so i can sit on a slanted window sill and cling on for dear life while he took this amazing shot.

this one, however, is my absolute favorite. and probably the only direct shot where i'm not making a weird face. i'm seriously convinced i'm camera-challenged sometimes.

you can see more pictures, and more of his amazing work here: urbaners.com the man is a genius with lighting.

photos taken by btruong
windsor dress, ny&co necklace & rings, candies suede pumps