Monday, December 26, 2011

monday muse

i know. >.< i missed last monday's monday muse. blame on the cold/sick. its hard to blog when all you want to are doing is taking a forever long nap.

last sunday, bf and i had the pleasure of attending ballet san jose's performance of the nutcracker. for those of you who don't know (because, believe it or not, i didn't), the nutcracker ballet is based off of the story of "The Nutcracker and the King of Mice" by E.T.A Hoffman.

its about a girl named clara, who, after hearing the tale of the nutcracker's curse from her godfather, falls asleep with the nutcracker doll in her arms. upon the stroke of midnight she awakens to the room around her getting larger and suddenly she is surrounded by an army of large mice! the nutcracker doll has disappeared from her arms and become life size! the nutcracker rallies up the toy soliders and they battle against the evil mouse king and his army of mice. just as it looks like all is lost, clara defeats the mouse king and saves the nutcracker from the defeat. hurray! the curse has broken and the nutcracker has regained his true form as a young prince.

the prince and clara ride away together on a magical sleigh through the snow forest to the land of sweets. the sugar plum fairy greets them, and is so impressed by clara's tale of heroism, throws a festival in her honor. the sugar plum fairy dances with the caviler
(and this is where you go, omg i've heard this song before) with the most amazing dance that clara has ever seen. her night is perfected and complete as the court bid her and the nutcracker farewell.

the next morning clara awakens under the tree, with the nutcracker still wrapped in her arms.

i really can't tell you how inspirational i found the whole thing to be. there are all these little stories and sketches flying through my head right now, i just haven't had time to put them to paper. the dancing was gorgeous, and yes, the dance of the sugar plum fairy was probably my favorite. the ballet dancer they chose for the role was really graceful and i feel like she captured the essence of the sugar plum fairy beautifully.

ugh. and the outfits? so, so, so pretty. we were sitting in row 6 so you could really see all the little details in every single dress. i love how the costume designers take care to consider the under side of the outfits, since you do see a lot of it. like an all white dress, but a soft, yet bright pink tulle underneath. everything was so soft and delicate, so much tulle! and chiffon and glitter! i wish i could be a sugar plum fairy!

or, i'll settle for being one of the adorable little mice..

i hope everyone had a happy holiday!! looking forward to the final week of 2011 and celebrating the new year in.. wait for it... yes... thats right.. DISNEYLAND oh yea, i went there <3


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