Monday, December 5, 2011

monday muse

here is another weekly feature that i want to try out for the blog. to be honest, i'm not one to really, really follow a lot of fashion trends. i don't obsess and stalk when all the spring 2012 lines will release. i do glance at them occasionally, but for the most part, i like what i like and spend 90% of my time shopping instead. :X for all intents and purposely, this blog is mainly about my own personal style and creativity, opposed to fashion itself.

that being said, everyone draws inspiration from somewhere. whether you read a thousand fashion magazines, or you just need motivation for the day, something you read somewhere, makes you think, makes you want more. that is what monday muse will be about. inspiration. sometimes (more often than not) will probably pull from a blog that i've read, but hopefully it'll be more than that.

today's muse is MANGO loves! Mango x LB just put out a video, sort of a behind the scenes teaser for the five finalists for Mango's 2012 It girl:

its kinda amazing what blogging can do for you, and how many people you can reach with it. i'm sure none of these girls imagined they would be in the running for Mango's 2012 It girl when they started blogging--or even last year's It girl, Andy Torres of StyleScrapbook. i was going through some of her first entries last week, kind of taking a look at what she did right to get her as far as she did. it was really great to see that her blog started not much better than mine. sort of struggling along until you find your groove, your passion to make this an every day thought in your life. you just can't give up. no matter how frustrating it might be, at some point a door will open.

as for this year's It girls, this is a very, very big door opening. i think Camille Co is my favorite, and i've casted my vote. i love, love, love color. and the pop of the electric blue against the subtle sparkle of black is just seriously perfect.

i wish i could vote for Cosette or Lua too! Both of their looks were captivating!

you can see (and vote) the rest of the finalist at


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