Friday, December 16, 2011

friday finds

roxy boxy high low sweater, kirra drop arm banded bottom sweater

kirra zig zag crochet pullover, kirra waffle sleeved sweater

bullhead black leopard denim leggings, bullhead black denim colored leggings

with love from ca leopard tights, black poppy salya oxford

hot topic: skeleton hand, vampire fang ring

hot topic: lace suspenders, batman vinyl (batman has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, i just love him)

have you ever had one of those moments where you realized you were in some way very much your parents' son or daughter?  i'm having one of those moments.  when i was younger, and really until this day, my mother has had an obsession with leopard prints.  i mean the amount of leopard print she owns is ridiculous.  actually her christmas present is this top from romwe because of the chiffon print on it.  i've spent so much of my life avoiding the leopard print because i sort of associated it to something an older person would like.

well... now.. you've seen my friday finds for this week.  i've some how managed to accrue leopard print nails, denim leggings, tights, and even oxfords!  and if i could have my way... a pair of SM Carnby-L or Annnie-L.  >.<  what happened!??!

i'll tell you what happened.

i am my mother's daughter.  and this is just one of many wonderful traits i've inherited from her.

on another note.. i may need a colored denim legging intervention soon. halp.


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