Wednesday, December 7, 2011

dressemeber - day 02

YES! i'm almost caught up.

oh wait. this is day 07 isn't it? sigh. >.< it'll happen, i swear. i've been waiting for an excuse to wear this ASOS dress. thank you dressember! haha, but more importantly, lets talk about the shoes.

the shoes

oh gawd how i love these shoes. even more surprising? bf loves these shoes. they're insane, and they're so loud and yet subtle at the same time. i'll be honest, i did not order these shoes. i bought them on blackfriday during sole struck's crazy 50% off sale, and i ordered them in a distressed brown. imagine my surprise when i received a pair of zebra ones instead? and i wasn't too sure i could even rock these. i mean, i love a good animal print, but these are TALL (and insanely comfortable), so its a whole lot of zebra. (although i think of it more as a tiger print instead?). but now?

i can't wear them outside yet. i'm still waiting to hear back from solestruck, since these are technically the wrong pair of shoes. and i really did want the brown ones. :T i think they're still busy from the sale because i haven't heard back yet, but we'll see what happens. i wouldn't cry if i just had to keep these. ;)

photos taken by kloo
asos cut-out body con dress, kirra cut-out tank, jeffrey campbell lana boots


  1. Those shoes are friggin' killer. Love!


  2. Great urban look, great combo, great style and fab shoes!;)
    Jelena (