Wednesday, December 21, 2011

dressember - day 17: homeless

i know. i know. i said i quit dressember, and i have. but we know how behind i was with posting and all, and i haven't worn a dress since monday actually. well, to be fair, i spent all of tuesday in pajamas sniffling and cursing dressember and the winter season. so today is actually my first official day of not wearing a dress and thus abandoning my dressember challenge.

this outfit is what i like to call my homeless person ensemble. its what i imagine i would look like if i ever became homeless and still tried to be fashionable (because it makes perfect sense that a homeless person would be wearing a pair of UGG Cardys and not have sold them off for food). i'm not entirely sure i could possibly be wearing any more clothing. oh no. wait, i can. i spent the entire evening in a peacoat on top of all of this. so yes, it is entirely possible for me to be wearing more clothing, and still be cold.


not sure what i'm doing here. waving hi to the camera? is my left arm dead? possible its frozen off at this point. need new poses? yesssss.

hype this look here on

so in my defense, the reason why i was dressed in 50 million layers, is because it was anna's birthday celebration and we would be spending most of it outside, in the cold, ice skating no less, and pretending to be impressed by the animatronics at christmas in the park. its been around forever, and i'm pretty sure the moving robots have never been replaced, but people still go every year. there are carnival games, and an outdoor ice skating rink. and food. yes, food. amazing, delicious, taste even better when you are starving food. i wish i'd taken pictures of the food. but i didn't. in fact, most of the pictures you'll see below are stolen from anna. why? well one, i was running late as usual and forgot my camera at home, and two i spent most of the time freezing and trying not to fall on my ass (ice skating, i'm not that uncoordinated when i walk).

birthday girl and all her presents! (and that includes the phone in her hand!)

see, bf is just as strange as i am. we're a perfect pair

oooh pretty decorations

more strangeness. not entirely sure we can take a straight picture

i made anna an honorary asian in celebration of the hello kitty christmas tree

double... sipping?

pretty birthday cake! oh and the birthday girl ain't bad looking herself ;)

group photo! it only took us 20 tries to get this :P

notice how i'm wearing my peacoat in every, single picture? sometimes i don't know why i bother trying to put together an outfit during the winter time.

photos taken by me, anna, and kloo
h&m peacoat, tulle snood, american eagle cardigan, hollister crochet vest, kirra ladder back dress, american eagle super skinny jeans, target socks x2 (yes x2), ugg australia cardy boots


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  1. Pretty dress! I love the scarf :)