Monday, December 19, 2011

dressember - day 16: dear dressember

i'm breaking up with you, dressember. we're through. i just need some space right now. its not you, its me. well no, really, its you. you're making me resent my dresses. and i love all my pretty little dresses. but right now, i kind of hate them.

its cold. its so very cold, and now i'm sick. because of you dressember, i am sick. and i'm bored. i want to wear pants and skirts and shorts. i want to explore other options. dressember, you are just, too limiting for me. more importantly, i want to be WARM.

so i'm quitting you dressember. i'm sorry. i know we had a commitment, but i just couldn't see it through. this is for the better. in the long run, this is for the better. i still have a few more dresses to show you. from saturday to monday. and we can look at the dresses i'd planned to wear this week. but that'll be it dressember. i can't do it anymore.

i hope you'll forgive me.

<3 Pamada

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photos by kloo
bgd speckled raglan, kirra cross back dress, luxe girl otk socks, steve madden getreal shoes

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  1. Bahaahahaha, go girl ,give that December what he deserves :D I know exactly how you feel ,it's like -5C here, and my only options are ugly warm sweaters and ugly thick jeans XD