Friday, December 16, 2011

dressember - day 15: circus stripes

this non-dress is another instance of me buying a shirt a couple sizes up, deciding it looks much better as a dress than a shirt. one of the downfalls/risks of making a decision like this is that material doesn't always agree with you. at least not when you want to wear a pair of tights with it. they clinggggg >.< oh gawd i spent the entire day just yanking on them to keep it down. of course this wasn't a problem when i tried them on in-store bare legged, thinking omg this such a sexy great top! i want to wear it as a dress!! 

 sigh. maybe next time i'll just stand in a corner some where and not move. btw, these are the free tights that romwe gave out a while back. they're kind fantastic. i was a bit iffy on them at first, but then once i tried them on, omg my legs looked loooonnnnggg. <3 fan for live. (i just wish i didn't feel like a sausage in them! they run small!) 

 p.s.. are you sick of my puras yet? ;)

photos taken by me
lucca couture high/low chiffon top, tights, dv by dolce pura boots, ny&co bracelet

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  1. Wow, stunning! That dress really looks good on you.