Thursday, December 15, 2011

dressember - day 13: i bought an umbrella

i bought an umbrella.

  and it was a $1.50

it just made sense to buy it because of that. actually i bought the umbrella back during my girls day trip to berkeley.  i really did just buy an umbrella so that i could use it 3 months later as a prop.  i mean it was a $1.50, and if it was really raining, i have a feeling it would fail miserably.

but its cute right?  and that's all that matters.

i've been having some trouble with my camera lately, and the lack of appropriate lighting, and well just being tired and a wee bit frustrated from taking so many pictures. so i apologize if these photos seem to lack a bit. i need to brush up on some of my techniques, or just resign/force to having bf take the rest of the dresssember photos. i don't do well without sunlight! 

the best part of this outfit (aside from the beautiful yellow coat), is that i can finally show you guys my awesome etienne aigner boots! i've been stalking them for months at tjmaxx and finally resigned that they were never going to go on sale any time soon, and decided to buy them. but bf was stalking me, and surprised me by buying them for me! <3 he really is too awesome for words.  i've gotten so many compliments on them already, one of my best items in my wardrobe right now.
we've been talking about where we want to go/do for new years and it looks like disneyland may be in the cards. ridiculously excited about it, especially since i've never seen disneyland during its holiday seasons and i've heard its absolutely gorgeous! throw in some fireworks and we're all set. minus the part where it'll technically still be dressember and i've never worn a dress to a theme park in my entire life so i have no idea how i am going to pull this off. i do however have the perfect dress for new years eve, but its so pretty and kind of delicate i'm not sure an amusement park is going to be an appropriate place for it :( 

speaking of, just to prove i'm not pulling a fast one on you guys. see my dress:

photos taken by me
jack by bb dakota coat, h&m dress, sweater tights, etienne aigner chastity boots


  1. buying that umbrella was a genius thing, wasnt it?

  2. Gorgeous! I am dreaming of adding a pair of rainy boots to my shoe collection. Also, I love your umbrella. Very cozy!