Wednesday, December 14, 2011

dressember - day 12: i want to fly away

yep, its another lazy day for me! but at least i'm sort of practicing my indoor photography? at a horribly high iso and unfocused photo. oh gawd how the site quality is gone down. i'm so sorry.


like how i totally missed most of my back here?  what i really meant to show you a picture of is my adorable drafting table that i finally put together a few weeks back.  it sat in a lonely box for almost 4 months before i put it (read: bf put it) together.

omg, what is going on with my hair here? see this is what happens when i try to take more of a daily shot. messy hair. horrible grainy iso. la la la. 

 the dress is cute though, is it not? and yes this is a dress. it is an incredibly short dress when worn by itself is constantly making my worry that a gust of wind won't come by and show the world my undies.  i also may need to stop complaining about how cold it is considering i'm wearing jeans full of holes in them.  :T

p.s... if you're wondering what happened to day 11 >.< i spent the entire day in pj's working on the blog.. no dresses required nor will the be tolerated.  i like my big ugly sweats!

photos taken by me
forever 21 halter vest, kirra open back dress, ae skinny jeans, black poppy flats

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