Monday, December 12, 2011

dressember - day 10: 1940's holiday party

i'm skipping a few days ahead in dressember, which in a weird way catches me up and at the same time puts me grossly behind on dates still. but its okay, because you all will be blog bombed this week so that i can catch up. :P 

so on saturday bf had his company's holiday party to go to. it was 1940's themed and took place on the uss hornet!! yes that is a WWII aircraft carrier. it was ridiculously big, but more importantly it was ridiculously awesome. i've known about this party for a while, and have been slowly (too slowly) prepping my 1940's outfit. my original outfit was overthrown when i discovered this adorable dress on it was really too perfect. completely 1940's with a touch of modern (in other words, cut-outs!). i couldn't have asked for anything better. but no outfit is completely without accessories right? well, i found this adorable leopard print fascinator on and after a not-so quick trip to the mall, i was complete with some lace gloves and an edgy pearl necklace from f21

i even found a great lip color from mac that just sealed in the 1940's glam. 

everything was seriously perfect.
a little too perfect.

i should've known better. its was like the calm before the storm and then, all hell just broke loose. my fascinator didn't arrive. :( well UPS says it arrived, but it didn't, and for the life of us, we could not find it. which meant on saturday morning, instead of getting my 1940s beauty rest, i scrambled to the mall in desperate search for another leopard print fascinator. why did it have to be leopard print? well, because i'd already painted my nails to match! and i couldn't have it any other way. 

of course i didn't find one. after wasting about an hour combing through all the stores i could think of, i finally resigned to the fact that i was not, in fact, going to find a leopard print fascinator and begrudgingly settled on this one. 

okay yeah, it is beautiful isn't it? but you know how when you have something in mind, you kind of just get stuck on it and you don't really appreciate what you do have until much later? sue me i'm a perfectionist :P 

that wasn't the end of it. the actual process of getting ready involved a lot of swearing and throwing around of things like a hurricane. one of the buttons on the dress had fallen off within 5 minutes of me trying it on (i know, i really need to stop eating so many cupcakes. >.<) and even though i'd had the dress sitting in my possession for almost two weeks, i didn't move my butt to sew it back on until 5 hours before the party. 


and, yep, you guessed it. i couldn't find my sewing kit. oh gawd help me. it took me about 30 minutes before i could find it, and it was really in the silliest place. it was right where it was suppose to be. tucked away in the little drawer i had set aside for it. i'd looked everywhere i thought it would've been. on a desk, shoved in a corner, under a pile of clothing... the proper places to store a sewing kit. not the actual drawer i'd put aside for it. so silly. see? this is what happens when i try to be organized. disaster! 

the next step was my curling iron. i got smart this time. i looked in the exact drawer it was suppose to be in first yes, i can be taught! 

oh crap. 

why is it not here? more scrambling. more cursing. i was this close to giving up all together, wearing a paper bag to the party, and calling it day. paper bags can be fancy right? i'll just.. throw a belt around it! luckily, for the rest of the world, i did manage to find it, and the world was saved from me attempting to make a paperbag look fancy. the iron was in its second home (yes my items have more than one homes, aren't they fortunate?). lessoned learned. stop being so darn organized and just leave items everywhere! (i can just hear bf cringing and crying now). 

ok! we are all set to go right? yes? no! omg. curling hair. disaster. 

i had this idea, this great picture in my head of how everything would look--from hair down to my (oops) unpainted toes. the unfortunate part, while i'm fairly good at everything else, is that i suck, suck, suck at hair. i mean you've noticed the absurd amount of posts where my hair is tied back in a bun, or a ponytail right? its because if you ask me to do more than that, it comes out looking like i electrocuted myself. in any case, i was about 3/4 of the way done before i realized i was starting to look like an asian version of orphan annie. panicked because it was about 3:15 PM when i realized this, and bryant was suppose to be coming over at 4:00 PM and i'm not even dressed yet, nor do i have a stitch of make up on. 

so yep. i went back to to the trusty ol' ponytail. >.< you can never go wrong with a pony tail! especially if you cover it up with a big fascinator and netting. then it just looks fancy. so fancy.
the rest of the process went fairly smoothly. minus the part that i've just barely finished my make up, still in my pjs, when bryant and company arrive with a photography studio. but as you can see, everything turned out quite well, and i'm more than pleased with the results. 
the photoshoot was executed in 30 minutes or less, that was pretty much all the time we'd had. but as you can see, it all came out fantastic! the photos look fabulous. bryant can make a paperbag look fabulous. actually, this is a great idea for the next shoot. paperbac chic! what do you think bt? hehe 


we wrapped everything up and headed out to our glamourous night. i thought everything was in the clear until one of my falsies fell off and i had one last desperate scramble to get it back on. not entirely sure how i managed to get it to stay on so that it it lasted the rest of the evening, but i did. i survived the storm! 

the best part of the party? aside from the ridiculous amounts of food consumed, they were giving out pairs of dr. scholl's fast flats. have you ever tried to walk through an aircraft carrier with heels on? its dangerous!  i lasted 2 hours in my heels before i wore the flats for the rest of the evening. 

hype this look here on

i forgot to ask bryant to take a picture of my back (storm casualty), so i'll post a picture later once i get bf to take one.

photos taken by btruong classic twist dress, hot topic lace gloves, forever 21 pearl necklace, icings by claire's fascinator, guess amelia lace pumps
make up: bobbi brown foundation, arden natural false lashes, make up forever aqua mascara, urban decay naked palette, stila in the light palette, bobbi brown gel liner in black, mac girl about town lipstick, mac spanking rich lip dazzleglass, mac love to shop lip liner



  1. So lovely!
    Though I'm sure it would have looked incredible with the leopard fascinator, I really love the one you have on. It all looks amazing!

  2. Too cute...and I love the head piece!

  3. You look absolutely stunning and your photos are perfect! What a lovely photo set!

  4. Your outfit was beautiful - no stress needed! One of my favorites. And you're so lucky to have a bf who can take good photos.