Tuesday, December 13, 2011

dressember - day 08 and 09

it got cold okay? like really cold. and i only have one pair of black sweater tights! so... please excuse the jeans under a dress look for the next few days. i don't do well in cold weather. i'm on the verge of quitting dressember all together i'm so cold :(

i also just wanted to say that i'm loving, loving, all of the comments that i'm getting lately! and i do read them all and will respond to them, too.  i've just been insanely busy and really only have time to post and run right now! but thank you!! <3 <3 <3  on to the looks!!

  i'm combining day 08 and day 09 because they're a bit more simple in style, i didn't have time to set up a tri-pod for day 09, and i seriously need to catch up.

day 08: i'm wearing green pants

would you believe i found this sheer dress at target? on clearance for like 5 bucks. its rather fantastic. it came with a slip, but i hate slips, so i'll probably be layering it with twenty million things. especially skirts and shorts. oh the possibilities are endless! however, since its freaking cold, i've paired it with my green jeggings from pacsun. these were very well stalked and sold out on me jeggings, and snatched up the minute i found them again -not- in my size. but its okay, you can't really tell they're a size too small right? >.<

also, aren't my house of harlow pearl pumps so pretty? they're my first real designer pair of shoes and they sparkle and remind me of the ocean. <3

day 09: i can wear flowers in the winter time

teehee. i got lazy. sorry. its really difficult to take pictures every day. especially when my day normally consist of 8 hours of work and 2-4 hours of gym. i normally feel to icky to take pictures by the end so i've been trying to lump everything together.

this is one of my favorite non-dresses. and by non-dress i mean i bought a shirt a couple sizes to big and wear it as a mini dress or a tunic. again it was cold, so i threw my red jeggings underneath and a sweater i picked up from cotton on. i'm kind of at a bit of a loss with my red jeggings. they've stretched out to the point where they're basically loose pants, but it seems ridiculous to buy a new pair? right? :T there is a high chance i'll end up buying a replacement pair, i just love the red jegging combination too much not to!

photos taken by me
day 08: converse sheer dress, bullhead jeggings, house of harlow pearl pumps
day 09: random shirt, cotton on sheer sweater, express zelda jean leggings, chinese laundry drastic wedges


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