Friday, December 9, 2011

dressember - day 06: hello kitty

ok. i swear i had pictures where i was looking a different direction... these ones just happened to be the best. >.< oops. this cardigan was the only article of clothing that i ended keeping from my splurge on the hello kitty x forever 21 line. i was pretty disappointed about it in general. some of the stuff didn't look as it did in the promo pictures (this cardigan included), and some just fit horribly. i did end up keeping all of the accessories i bought. those were spot on. and the overall feel of the materials for the clothing was pretty good (minus the raincoat, that was pretty bad). i do love this cardigan, even though i wish it was blue like i originally thought. the grey is an odd grey, its not really neutral so i'm having a hard time pairing the cardigan with something other than just jeans and a tank top. i'm glad it ended up working out really well with this dress, one of my better finds at tjmaxx (on clearance!) bf took these during our lunch break (yes, we work at the same company and yes, this is what winter has forced me into), and i think the pictures came out fantastic. i go running up here a few times a week and its really just amazing. minus the geese, that i'm fairly sure are going to kill me one day. or that white heron that tried to take me out last week when it took flight in front me. or the squirrels that like to play frogger as a i run across the path. or the paranoia that one day a golfer is going to slice badly and i'll have to dodge a golf ball flying at 30mph. aside from all that, really, really great place to run :P

photos taken by kloo
hello kitty by forever 21 cardigan, random dress from tjmaxx, charlotte russe tights, black poppy oxford shoes


  1. cute, I like Hello Kitty! Your tights are cool

  2. your tights!<3 I love how you put the belt over the sweater and dress ♥ my boyfriend and i created a blog featuring couples, come by! HIM AND HER PROJECT