Thursday, December 8, 2011

dressember - day 05

me: omg! bank account, this sweater is so amazing! i want it in another color!
bank account: denied.
me: but.. its HALF OFF sale price. it was only $10.00!!! it was original $59!
bank account: are you kidding me? have you looked at your spending lately. denied!!!

T.T why is my bank account so mean to me? sigh. btw the half off sale is an in-store promo only, its still almost thirty bucks online (although well worth it even at that price). if you have an urban outfitters near you, i highly recommend you go check it out. i won't talk about how much i spent, or what i came home with. :X

pictures taken by me
sparkle&fade cropped sweater, h&m dress, tights, dv by dolce vita pura boots, ny&co necklace



  1. I have that same conversation with my bank account!

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