Tuesday, December 6, 2011

dressember - day 01

so if you're not like me, and you haven't been living in a cave for the past couple of years, it is dressember month. actually its been dressember month, but if you are like me, then you just found out about it yesterday. :P

what is dressember? dressember (obviously for the month of december) was an idea started by blythe hill as a personal challenge to herself. like all great ideas on the web, it caught fire and has now grown in this movement to bring back "dressy" dressing. its really pretty simple. wear a dress everyday for 31 days. you can repeat, but you cannot wear a skirt, unless its on top of a dress. you can pretty much do whatever needs to be done as long as you are wearing an actual dress. and yes this means you can tuck a dress into a pair of shorts (if you feel so inclined, or like me recently bought a pair of shorts that you are dying to wear), or over a pair of pants.

to be honest, this isn't a huge challenge for me. i tend to wear a dress every other day as is. actually, when i told bf about the challenge he asked if i even had that many dresses to wear and i just laughed. obviously, he's been avoiding my closet out of fear so he has no idea, that i probably have enough dresses to make this a two month challenge. :X

so why do it then? since i'm obviously behind (posting day 01 on day 06? yes! go pamada!). the challenge for me, will be in the photography. i suck at indoor photography. like you have no idea. so this will be a great challenge (and i'm sorry in advance for the soon to come crap pictures) to improve and learn on that skill.

even though i found out about this yesterday, i'm not that actually far behind! like i said before, i tend to wear a dress every other day any ways (even though its freezing right now), so i've really only missed a couple of days. what i am behind on is taking pictures as my "evidence". i hope to catch up by this weekend, and then get to posting an actual daily outfit.

p.s. confession time. i took this picture back in the beginning of november. BUT ITS OK. because i re-wore it (omg i know re-wore!?!?) on friday, so it still counts right? sigh. cheating already on day one.. this is not off to a good start.

photos taken by kloo
asos cold shoulder shirt dress, express sweater, express tights, mossimo supply co. boots


  1. I love the slouchy sweater over the neutral button up! So simple yet so chic!

    Love always,
    Breckenridge Clare

  2. Interesting idea I cant say i've heard about it before, I dont think I have that many everyday dresses haha it could look a little old if I wore ball dresses down the road haha.

    cute boots and love the colours they go well together.

    now following your blog :)

  3. Dressember - how cute! I saw this on the IFB group page - nice blog! Now following, would love it if you dropped by my page as well.

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