Wednesday, November 30, 2011

you're out of this world. except you're not green

ok. ok. this is admittedly one the worst lyrics ever. it was written by my lover (sorry bf) justin timberlake and some how managed to stick in my mind thru the years - its that bad. but.. some what fitting for this post?

galaxy nails! (oh boy, horrible transition there, right along side with this lyric) i first saw them on the nailasaurus blog and immediately thought - omg, i have to do this. they're just so ridiculously cool. i just had to. the first attempt were a complete and utter fail. they were such a fail that i can't even (meaning i don't want to) show you how bad they were. what you see above is attempt number two, after watching this video by cutepolish. she kind of sounds like michelle phan don't you think? if you like polish designs both of those ladies are great to follow.

photos taken by kloo
nothin' else - justin timberlake

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