Monday, November 14, 2011

yellow diamonds in the light

i'll admit. i wasn't completely interested in the missoni by target line when it first came out. i mean its still a target line and i didn't think it would be worth the price... but now everything is 30-50% off, so of course i started peeking my little nose around and scored a couple of items! i'm actually pretty impressed with the cardigan that i'm wearing in this look. the quality feels really nice and i think they did a really good job with the line. i'm dying to have the rainboots from the kids collection, but the best i can find is a size one, and while i can get my feet in them, i'm pretty sure i'll have a blister after 5 minutes :P

on a bad note... i woke up saturday morning and the monster (kaylee) had chewed up the pen that goes to my intuos3. i really hope i can find a replacement today. i'm not sure whether i want to bbq her or deep fry her with the turducken we're having this year. /glares. i suppose it could've been worse. if she'd chewed up the cord that connects to the computer then i'd be looking at replacing the entire thing all together.. although.. i really do want an intuos4 >.< update: i'm going to be at least a week without my tablet now :(

photos taken by me
missoni by target cardigan, h&m lace, franco sarto pumps
we found love - rihanna

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