Sunday, November 27, 2011

i was june, and you were my johnny cash

note: when taking pictures, make sure the tripod/camera is actually level or you'll end up with a lot of slanted pictures.

i'm in so much pain today. i overkilled it with my workout routine, and now it hurts to move in all sorts of ways. someone remind me never to attempting running, abs&core class, climbing, AND cardio kickboxing all in one day again. on the plus side i feel rather skinny today, and even managed to squeeze into my unforgivingly tight, i think i bought you a size too small, AE super skinny.

btw.. have you seen the new katy perry music video for "the one that got away" yet? if not, you really need to. it'll make you slit your wrists in a depressing kind of a way, but its a great video and makes me love the song even more!

photos taken by me
h&M printed dress, american apparel otk socks, h&M blazer, dv by dolce vita pura boots
the one that got away - katy perry

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