Thursday, November 10, 2011

HK x F21 Teaser Part 2

so here we are. its about one week until the release of forever 21's hello kitty line, so naturally, both sanrio and forever 21 have released some additional teasers to add to the already full drool bucket. i've added my favorites (minus the ones i original posted). its almost torturous that these are just teasers and i know that there is so much more to come. there is already so much i want just from the limited visibility i have now, i'm not sure what release day is going to be like, except that i know i'm going to be very, very broke.

and on that note, i really hope that the head band she is wearing will be part of the accessory line because i want it. badly.

you can see the rest of the collection on the forever 21 and hello kitty facebook pages.

note the sheer black shirt w/ HK outline? UGH. i want that over the cardigan

photos from forever 21

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  1. Totally love the Hello Kitty collection from Forever 21!