Tuesday, October 25, 2011

oh dear gawd... i've joined tumblr.

so.. i joined tumblr today.

i really have no idea what tumblr is. or what it's really used for. i kind of think of it as a giant twitter w/ pictures? although you can add pictures to twitter now so.. who knows! honestly, i joined because there was a give away for romwe.com, and well, i love romwe, so now i have a tumblr. if you have a tumblr, i hope that you'll follow me on there. i think, think, it actually might get updated more than this blog... as to whether or not it actually gets updated with quality items.. no promises! :)

on another note, i totally skipped my run today (which is how the tumblr happened, too). i've been in beast mode for one too many weeks in a row and i think my body is protesting. but i'm also kind of neurotic and sadface that i missed my run! i've been doing so well lately! ugh, set backs. i blame mondays. mondays suck. in addition to 8 hours of work, i normally run 4+ miles, rock climb for 2 hours, and then take a 45 minute cardio kickboxing class.. which normally goes about 5-10 minutes over with a round of ab work outs. its kind of exhausting just typing that! the good thing about skipping my run is that i have time to post tonight! my gbff gave me a pair of hello kitty vans for my birthday--they're pretty damn cool huh?

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