Thursday, October 6, 2011

i'm the baddest baby in the atmosphere

so, yes. this blog is slowly starting to crawl again. i'm sorry. it seems to happen every time i get involved with another art project (which i currently am at the moment). it just sucks up all my time and i put everything else on hold. the unfortunate art in all of this, is that i won't be to share what it is i'm currently working on - at least not for a while. so you'll have to settle for this sketch i did while waiting for REI's used gear sale to open up (which was taken with my crappy camera phone >.< sorry i fail so bad).

i have tons of things lined up in terms of outfit posts and what not, i just haven't had a chance to go through and edit the pictures yet. i can barely find enough time for this current project and i'm so out of practice, i'm just incredibly s l o w. its frustrating. actually, i'm not sure if any one else is like this, but i've hit the "frustrating" part of my project where i think its absolute crap and i want to abandon it. i seem to hit this point with any of my big art projects, and a lot of times i really do end up leaving it off somewhere. there's a 18x20 charcoal i started last year, and is currently sitting in the corner of the office because i'm convinced i've turned ryan gosling into an ugly big headed freak (how that is ever possible with him, i don't know). i do want to pick it back up again, and i think after this is done, and get a few outfit posts put up i'll drag out the ol' canvas and start cracking at it again.

just waiting - graphite & pen
you make me feel - cobra starship ft. sabi

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