Wednesday, October 19, 2011

if you listen, you can hear me thru the radio.. in that bright white noise


the dramatic cat eye.

my normal daily make up routine involves a slight wing tip on top of a simple smokey eye, but i wanted to try and exaggerate the look and i absolutely love how it turned out. i also can't believe how much i lucked out in how well these turned out. this was my first attempt at taking a headshot, and i initially didn't think they turned out that well when i saw the camera preview. :) sometimes it just best to hold off the delete button and wait until the computer can show you.

psst. did you notice? i started adding in the songs that my post titles are from below. gotta give where credit is due, and it also lets you know my current song obsessions. ALSO. most importantly, over to the left, that little button that says "Google Friend Connect"? I would oh, so appreciate it if you would join. i'll love you forever if you do! <3

photos taken by me
make up: bobbi brown gel liner, tarte femme fatale palette
you make me feel - cobra starship

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