Monday, October 17, 2011

i hope that you'll catch me, cause i've already fallen

<3 this post is for my amazing bf. <3 u.

who, out of sheer frustration at the number of loud prints and florals that i have (admittedly it is quite a lot), generously offered to add some solid colored items to my wardrobe. the catch, however, was that he had to approve of every item purchased. it led to some colorful arguments. haha, but in the end i got quite a few really good items. i put this one together for him, using nothing but solids! i can't guarantee that the rest of the items will be used so purely, but its a start right?

on another note, after several (and i mean several) attempts to get a proper make up headshot done, i've finally succeeded! unfortunately, the success came because it was super sunny outside. i still don't know how i'm going to accomplish this inside the house without doing some sort of crazy set up, but i do hope to do a lot more of these, and maybe eventually some youtube how-to videos. until then, i think i'm going to be restricted to weekend looks. poor bf. i hope he won't mind going out with me with extreme make up on. heehee.

(p.s. did you notice the huge amount of photos in this post? yes yes? great photo session day! again.. sheer luck. no talent actually building :P)

photos taken by me
outfit: h&m dress, sweater and knee highs, ?? combat boots
makeup: stila in the light palette bare, kitten, and bliss, bobbi brown gel liner black ink, urban decay ammo palette polyester bride and shattered, make up forever aqua eyes white, laura mercier lip base?, korres mango butter lipstick coral, mac fif lipglass pink venus
arms - christina perri

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